Rally Restock?

Anyone heard anything?
I want this yo-yo so baaad

There is still 1 left…

I hope the color blue is next…or white…or black. Any one of those will do. :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting for more FHZ colors to be restocked. :-\

I heard that it will be restocked in a few weeks…not sure what color or how many tho

Yep restock coming very soon. :slight_smile:

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Posted on Facebook just a bit ago…

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Thanks for posting that!

But I still like green better. Not too fond of red… :-[

yep, this colorway is just too…dark?
Red rally with RAW rims would looks BOSS.

Awe, cummon… No love for the Spiderman Rally?

Here’s another picture. I guess there is a red rim option as well


I like the red/blue one. Will there be any other colors?

Red/black is my favorite after green/black…

From what David has posted in the past, you can bank on there being more colors.

What happened to the green? I do t like the new colors as much. A white one with black rings would look dope!

They sold out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Black with purple rims
Black with pink rims
Black with Blue rims
Please xD

Check One Drop’s instagram. New release will be red rallies with blue, red, black rings/centers.

So glad I didn’t buy the first run Rally now.

I like the red/black, the others not so much.

I’d like to get different colors and mix/match ring and yoyo colors.