So does anyone know when YYE is getting more Rally's?

Kind of itching to get one and I see a big fat ZERO for the number available in stock :frowning:

Any ideas when another batch of green Rally’s will be in?




I might be wrong but I believe the green was first run only, 2nd run is going to be red.

According to Paul Dang, probably next month.

You are correct. At Worlds, the had red Rallies, but not very many. Something interesting though…the metal weight ring are going to come in different colors. They had black, red, and blue weight rings on the Rallies!

Aww man, I really was hoping to get a Green one :frowning:

These ;D

YoyoExpert colorway Rally on the right has got my name on it!

haha I like the red with blue rings. If the ever make blue with red rings I’m buying like 10!!! :smiley:

Okay that red and black look pretty cool,this is happening next month you say?

Blue, red rings, yellow axle system… the Superman colourway!

I just want a black Rally with matte black rings.

Since they seem to do ring variations for each main colour, I suppose I can allow you to request this. :wink: :wink: For a black run, raw or clear ano rings for me!

Genius! 8)

  • gold bearing :smiley:
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All four of the new color combos:

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With the violet rings, you get a nice tone-on-tone effect. I diggit.