OD Rally - Next production run?

I’m in the market for a mid priced yoyo… When is OD going to release the next color of rally’s? I’m not a fan of clear.


There are some good deals to be found on the bst. I picked up the shutter last month. Very impressed.

White Rallys coming really soon!


White with black rings would look pretty slick. Will I have enough patience to wait for “really soon”? It’s a relative term ;). Are we talking weeks, months, days?

The voting for which color to produce ended a couple weeks ago. maybe around 2-ish. Paul Dang from one drop said that creating, assembling, packaging, etc. rally’s takes alot of work and alot of time. I wouln’t expect the new white with black ring rally’s to come out until late May/June of 2014.

I think its worth waiting for.

Father’s Day!

2-3 weeks most likely :slight_smile:

I need me a white rally with black rings to add along side my clear one!.. And I also need to find me a first run green too…