Quietest yo-yos?

The loudest yo-yo in my entire collection without a doubt is my yyf nine dragons it’s so loud that whenever I show it to my friends and after 30 seconds they get so irritated by the noise they beg for me to stop :joy: the yo-yo bearing is perfectly fine it’s just the overall mechanics of the yo-yo that make it ridiculously loud. But the noise doesn’t seem to bother me all that much to be honest.


I second that :point_up::point_up::point_up:


You could be right weight plays a part. My GBP is 49 grams and it’s probably the quietest yoyo I have. I wonder if I trade out the bearing in the Sprite and 44 I can find a correlation.

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Well the loudest yoyo I have BY FAR is my Northstar which is a plastic with ring weight so I think you’re spot on!

Mine barely makes a sound, too! I probably haven’t broken it in properly yet, but it’s gotten ever so slightly louder, which is to say, still much quieter than the rest of throws.

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Just curious about something.

The title of this thread is ‘Quietest yoyo’. Yet some of the replies have been about ‘Loudest yo-yos’.

To me, all information is ‘useful’. But there must be very few quiet yo-yos if the replies are diametrically opposite of the original question, lol.

Example/question> ‘What is 2+2?

Answer> Well, 5+4 is 9. :nerd_face:

My quietest yoyo is a G2GBP… nothing even close


At least, it’ll inform people reading this what they should avoid :grin:


The answer could be 4, addition, math, or double. (Quiet)

Just saying :joy:

It is not 5, subtraction, history, or triple… (loud)


So… if you ask me what is the best cut of steak at my favorite Diner, my answer could be, ‘Well, if you eat dessert, stay away from their apple pie.

That response doesn’t answer the original question. But at least that response gives them a heads up about what to avoid.

I get it…:joy:

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Collectors’ yoyos are the quietest