Quick! Think fast!

Your friend just called, he said he’ll be at your place in 2 minutes. What yoyo related things would you pick up?

For me- FG Ava, and two strings. All I need for a good night!

Already have an extra string in my wallet, which I’d be bringing. So, probably my Punchline or El Ranchero. Whichever had string and bearing that were in good nick.

I’d grab whatever yoyo is sitting on my desk or bookshelf at the moment (there’s usually at least one), attach it to my Werrd watchamacallit, and away I go.


Cascade, then toss it in my bag.

Beat 5150, wad of string in my back-pocket, $$$, and hug my mother.

Berserker 3 inches from my hand, into my pocket. Grab headphones, keys, and phone.

From now on i will keep a extra yoyo string in my wallet, thanks.

Element X

I was like??..OH! its a yoyo, duh! facepalm

Clip my DM2 to my belt via the holder I use, and get my YYE 5-pocket back, that has in it my Anglam, Phenom, Classic with Trifeca and silicone, Classic with YYJ Speed Bearing, silicone and Takeshi dice, V, 2 Unleashed and a Bossman, and my GO Big on a sling holder on the outisde, then slip a couple of others in my pockets. I already got strings in the bag, so I’m always ready. If available, snag my YYJ Destiny and a Code2 and a Gnarwal.

You sure love packing when it comes to yo-yo’s.

As for myself, I grab a yo-yo that matches my outfit.

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That’s 12 yoyos not counting the others in your pockets. O . O

I just keep a T5 in my car. The other’s stay at home. No need

Have to admit, I’ve done this before, too! “My blue and raw Avant Garde would look boss with this outfit.” :wink:

I like to be prepared. Also, I can change moods or get bored and want to change it up. I like to keep options available.

The YYE bag goes on me when I drop off or pick up my kids from school. Right now, in the pocket is a Spectrum and a Halo. Next week, I’ll swap the Spectrum for a Triton and the Halo for the H3X.

I’d just take my case. It has everything yo-yo related that I could possibly need : D

I’d take whatever yoyo i’ve put into the holster on my belt that morning

Hm… Well I’d put my dm2 black spade ed. in my hand-made holster. My dm2 already has strings under the caps. And probably grab my 808’s.

amazing idea!!! strings in caps!

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I’d throw on my team shirt and grab my Rex, and quickly throw it into my hoodie pocket. Then I’d brush my teeth and put my vans on, which would take up about 1:55 of the 2:00 :stuck_out_tongue:

Which of course means that I can put a shirt on and grab a yoyo in under 5 seconds.

If my friend is coming over to my house, I see no reason why I need to pick up any yo-yo related things. They are all at my house already. :stuck_out_tongue:

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