Quick! Think fast!

YYR Blink with whatever string is on it. I don’t carry extra so tough luck. Besides unless they yoyo I’m not planning on doing too much yoyoing. If they do yoyo, I just bum strings.

My Classic, 2-3 strings, and another yoyo if I feel like it.

My yoyo is attached to my person via a Crucial holder so I would probably just wait since I am at my house and I wouldn’t have to go anywhere, haha.

I just grab the first yoyo I see…

my holsters are good too… sniff tear… lol, jk, jk

Always strap mine into a YoyoGamer holster as I head out. :wink: Months later and it’s still holding my yoyos safe and snug!

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I got my Crucial holder at PNWR 2012 in Feb. and the letters haven’t even worn off after using it every day for over a year now. I wish I had bought more while I was there but this year crucial didn’t even have a table I think.