Personal restocks


Since there may be a sale on June 6, i though this would be a great opportunity to replenish my string and possibly get a plastic like an Alpha Crash or upgraded Classic. What things do you guys typically get when you need to get more strings and such?


Adding a T-shirt is always good .


String. Lots string. I don’t like bulk I like variety so I go for all different types of string. I all ready have my order planned out for tomorrow!
Pink Trigger
Japan Edition OneStar
Candy Wires Fat String in Blue
Neon Yellow Fat Kitty
White Fat Nylon Kitty
Neon Yellow Thick Metz
Bubble Gum Type X (To match the Trigger obviously)
Lemon Lime Ammo
Markmont Dragons
All Season Snow Tires

Oh and then I’ll be ordering like 3 packs of Big Yoyo String too so I’ll be set on string for a while


Probably some Kitty string and a string cutter. No yoyo plans, just got a case and bout to get some throws at my local store.

Depending on the sale, if its super good sale I might get a Kendama or spin top.


I find it’s smart to go ahead and order your accessory items when buying a yoyo. Strings, bearings, response pads, whatever. You’re buying a yoyo, you’re already paying shipping anyways, so might as well stock up on these expendable items that you need at the same time and save shipping costs.

For me, with the potential sale, I usually save it for some “high ticket” item that I’m not happy with the regular price, but would be fine with the sale price, or some high ticket item that it’s just way up there and want to save money.

I know what I want to get. I have it picked out already. Will it be available when I place my order? Only one way to find out. I will drop my cash in the bank tomorrow before I pay for my order as I don’t like to keep any money in the bank unless I absolutely have to.


well I wasn’t really planing on buying anything today , But I just ordered a bad azz Majesty . 106. shipped was to good to pass up .


I’m going for RecRev today. Planning to pick up an Octave and a Silly Goose, my first big yoyo purchase.


you silly goose! :stuck_out_tongue: