I have one String left ):

I only have one string left and the earliest I can order any is tommorow ???
:’( :-\

If you have sewing thread and a drill around you can YouTube how to make string and it works pritty well

Why are you whining to us about it? It’s your fault. Don’t wait until you have no string to order more string. Cmon, now.

Haha Sorry I just won’t have any money till tommorw!):

I have one string too! Well, one new one.

But I usually don’t change my strings until about a month of using them, so I’m all set for Christmas when I am allegedly getting a 100 pack of Kitty Strings.

Some stores have cheap Duncan cotton if you are desperate.

This is where I was gonna go.

I have a package of YYE neon Gren 100% poly I’m almost done with. I have a 100 count each of Kitty Normal, neon green, yellow and orange YYE bulk. I also have other unused strings in smaller numbers, including YYSL, and other strings.

If I run out of strings, I’m gonna have to be really irresponsible towards myself.

Going through the same thing used my last one today, and got paid today so Ill be fine till my bulk kitty string arrives

I have hundreds of strings as well as hundreds of thousands of yards of thread.

Don’t think I’m ever going to run out of string :slight_smile:

Take this opportunity to pick up some thread and learn to make your own string its tons of fun, it’ll distract you from the terrifying reality of not being able to yoyo, and, if you’re successful, it will give you the ability to yoyo more.