What should I do?

Well let’s say…

I’m running out of strings…

I have no money right now,

so what should I do?

Not, yoyo?

You can get 100 strings for 10 bucks on this website. The’re very cheap. Just save up some money and get more. Or, ask your parents for money and pay them back. I also heard that you can wash strings.

Hmm, good point.

I’ve got well over 300 extra strings. Always try to stay ahead. Stock up at contests, the sell cheap usually!

Man, I wish I had that much.

I have like, ten, or less. Poly that is.

This is when you just go to the fabric store, buy some poly thread for cheap, and learn to make a few. :wink: They take a bit of practice but if you don’t factor in the time, material is cheap. One spool of surger thread will last a looooong time. Better yet, if someone in your family or a friend has surger thread be pitiful :’( make them feel for your you :-\ and maybe they’ll donate some thread or better yet buy you string! ;D

Hmm, I should learn how, just have no idea.

Its cake. I make sometimes. Look it up on youtube.

It really is easy it’s just that it’s easier to buy it made. Yeah, I’m just that lazy when it comes to making string. ::slight_smile:

Does this work well?

Are there any step by step good tutorials?

Credit in the post


So I’m starting to learn how to make strings!


It’s fun!

That gsimian tutorial is the best I have found and is the technique I currently use. I like trying different types of poly. One that has suprised me is trilobal. Ill mix it with reg poly and I love it. Its very heavy. I like thick and heavy for slacks and whips.

This right here is why I actually have like 30 extra homemade strings. It’s also hard to go back to bulk strings afterwards. Homemade are just much better quality-wise.

Got any playable ones yet?

Shoot for something like this.

Yeah, I do have some playable ones! Right now I’m messing with thinkness’s.

How did you get it to be mixed colors?

Just make a few wraps with one color then tie it off and make some wraps with another color.

Oh btw, it’s about time you actually stepped up to string making. I can’t believe you’ve just been so lazy as not to make your own! Tisk Tisk. ;D

I make my own, when i have to lol. I guess from now on you can just supply me with string, you have string, I’ll have string, everybody is happy! :wink:


I’m going to try that. :slight_smile: