Made some string

So I have been doing some research and decided I would like to tackle making my own string. Today after work I headed to walmart and picked out four obnoxious colors of polyester thread. Made a quick jig with info found on this website and just went for it. I can’t believe how easy it was to make. I tried playing it and it seems awesome. I have been playing with normal kitty string and it doesn’t even compare to what I made. Mine is great for slack tricks and whips. I think it will last longer as well, but really only time will tell.

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What website?

Yoyo expert of course.

Wait so how did you make it? I would like to make some

I think there’s a “string makers discussion” thread… But I haven’t seen it in a while, and am not sure if it actually exists. So search it! :smiley:
Or google “how to effectively make yoyo string”. Google knows its stuff XD

Here’s some tips…

String Makers Discussion

Making Your String Rig More Effecient - Tips and Tricks

Those links are where my information came from. As for the actual material I am going to keep that a secret, but I will let you know right now it was nothing groundbreaking, just fun to make something on your own.

Trilobal Embroidery Polyester… :wink: