Put down your Metal Yo-Yo

Pick up a Plastic Yo-Yo. Do it, just for the rest of the day. It’s a challenge for those who are always throwing their metal Yo-Yos all day everyday and have a plastic yoyo just sitting there in their bag. There’s no prize. Just the experience of using a plastic yoyo, and see if any good memories come up or a really hard trick you remember landing it with that plastic. So really anyone who constantly throws a metal Yo-Yo, put it down. Pick up a plastic and remember all the good times you had with it.


Doing this with 4a is easy but with 5a… Working on it with my Onestar ;D.

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Or pick up a wooden fixie ;D


I require my yoyos to be fun if I’m expected to play them. Not coincidentally, this means I pretty much only throw plastics.

The YYJ Journey is one of my all time favorites. Have about 5 of them.
Here’s a couple or three…



(Journey on RHS, caps by jrodriguez)

Challenge accepted. I’ll be messing with either my YYF Replay Pro or my unknown delrin yoyo when I get home, all I brought to work with me were metals…gotta love the fantastic plastic feeling!

those are some colorful and great looking yoyos. I’m throwing my replay pro and possibly the surge. But for 24 hours that is what I’m throwing. Not the full 24 hours though.

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Challenge accepted! Tomorrow I will play with the diffusion 2 exclusively

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One of these ProFlys is always with me when I’m literally walking the dog. I love working on my looping with these fixies. Caps made by me.

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Those are some sweet caps. Makes me want to mess with my replay pro caps. But I’m a horrible artist.

Thanks! But to be honest, this is just found images on the web that I printed on a color printer and spray mounted to the original caps. Then I just popped 'em back in. Look a lot better than the originals I would say. :wink:

Cool picks up yeti

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i have been using nothing but my northstar, protostar, chaser, and flight since i left MWR to go home to kansas :smiley:

and @mr.nightshadow95, that made my day lol

how is the North Star compared to a replay pro and a diffusion 2? I going to make that my first yoyo but decided to splurge on a galaxy too hot instead.

I haven’t played with a metal for a little over a year and a half. I’ve been throwing for a bit over 2 years.

its pretty good! i dont know if it plays the same as the new versions (got a yellow one from like 2010 lol) but it is a good plastic!

a lot of people do not like them however, because they are susceptible to cracking and have these atrocious things on the bearing that SOMETIMES get stuck…

other than that, amazing yoyo!

Another challenge is to not throw a yoyo for a day.

Let’s stay realistic.


Haha, I needed a good laugh. Been really stressed with life, so thank you.

But. I don’t have a plastic.