Put down your Metal Yo-Yo

How do you get by. :wink:

Probably 1 metal at a time… 1… metal… at time.

Rally for me today. There is about a 100% chance of some FHZ as well.

Only for a day? man that is not even a challenge.
At least one month to say something, and even then it’s still nothing compared to one year of fixie only.

I’ve been doing only fixed axle for a year challenge. It’s not that difficult. How about not yoyoing for a year? Thats a real challenge.

You know your right, One day? What was I thinking. We should make it a Week Long Challenge. Just have to remember, for those who throw a metal yoyo everyday, throwing a plastic for a day is still a bit of a challenge. But I think a Week would be even Harder.

Now, I didn’t throw exclusively plastic today… But when I opened my TiDream package, the Big Dream was the first one that I threw. I had a pretty good hunch on how the aluminum and titanium would play, but I had no guesses for the Big Dream, so I just HAD to throw that first to find out.

Verdict: It’s awesome. Probably the chillest, most laid back throw I own, and super fun. Surprisingly comfortable and easy to hold despite its extra large size. If you enjoy plastics, and didn’t get a TiDream pack, I highly suggest you try to track down the Big Dream.

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Done. Been playing with nothing else for about 4 days


Love it.