That good old Metal Drifter.

Anybody played with their Metal Drifter lately? I was messing around with all my throws this morning and I was having a great time with a yo-yo I was in love with months ago xD I was actually able to influence a good 5 kids at school to actually buy one without telling them to. They went out on their own and got the throw. When they saw that yo-yoing was actually going to take some time and skill they quit it. I tried teaching them how to put the string on their finger, how to take care of the bearing, all of that beginner maintainence that everyone needs to know. They just kinda gave up, and sold me their drifters for 5 dollars a pop. I have like 6 of them all throughout my house that I either play with or lost. Good old memories X)

I play with mine almost daily. I don’t know why I just love this throw it’s a lot of fun for me.

I enjoy my Metal Drifter. I have sold off some cheap metal throws, but that one I decided to keep. There is something special about a $25 metal organic, with that size bearing. I happen to like it a lot actually. I’m in the club.

I tried yesterday… But the binds were so slippy I almost passed out XD

But I did love it when it worked :slight_smile:

I play with mine about every other day.

I agree, it’s a great yoyo. Especially if you satin it!

Next time we take my sisters to our local Tru I’m going to get one to satin.