just something i have noticed over the years....

Alrighty, this is just some minuscule thing i have found over the years of my yoyoing. The thing i have noticed are the marks, dings,scuffs, scratches ect. Now here’s just something i find interesting it seems my yoyos with the most marks on them are the ones that i have used the most or had used the most at some point in time. (that or maybe i tend to be more careless with my metal throws) anyways, i guess now i could say which ones are my favorite yoyos in time because of all the marks on them. ;D ;D ;D anyways now my question is to you guys are what are some of your most beat throws?

I bought a metal drifter in 2010 it has so many huge scratches where parts of the metal chipped away. it’s been set on fire, taken rocks in it and has had some of the metal shaved away. I recessed it to take flowable silicone. I wish I could still play with it but it broke a few months ago and now I just have its remains. It is still my favorite yoyo.

My bada$$ hatrick. It was my first General-Yo, still as smooth today as the day I got it. My B-Grade Torrent II and raw KLR are also nice and beat…

DV888 And 888 both are beat to death they were my first 2 mettle yoyo’s

My 2014 benchmark H is pretty beat. It’s my trick learning throw

I first started learning cool string tricks on my Metal Drifter so it was pretty scuffed up by the time I decided to upgrade. It’s now also one of the favorites of the kids at my work, meaning another huge dent from where it got bashed into a table, missing bolt caps and a replacement axle bolt, and having to withstand frequent disinfecting :stuck_out_tongue:
Since then, though, my most-used throw is Tin Man’s Ghost, my Dark Magic 2. It’s held up well–definitely better off than my floor and ceiling for all the missed throws and eli hops.