Most beat...


Random thread 'cause it’s been a while…

What’s your most beat up yoyo?

Mine is my Hectic (First Metal)…

or firefoxjtc’s Zombie that he so kindly gave me. ;D


That’s definitely gotta be my gold nugget Avalanche. This throw is my out and about throw, and has seen a lot of abuse. Still plays perfectly smooth though.
Still, the damage isn’t that bad. Though I don’t really care too much about dings, as long as it’s smooth.


Well, it’s either the Code 2 I got from JRod–pre-beat by the man himself:
Watermelon! #todaysthrow #code2 #pink #BG-1s @yoyocommunity @toxicstrings @onedropdesigns by ebilflindas, on Flickr

Or my first metal, my DV888:
Trusty #yyf #dv888, beat to shit, but always ready to throw down. #todaysthrow #yoyo by ebilflindas, on Flickr


I don’t have any pics, but mines gotta be either my Echo or my DM2. They aren’t actually that bad.


If you want to sell your beat throws PM me.


Interested in a beat Super G? Hehe.

(Zammy Ickler ) #7
Dinged up Bapey! by zammyickler, on Flickr

The “damage” is so much worse since I took this photo.


(J△NW△LF W△LF) #8

Fixed. :wink:

(SR) #9

I had a DM that was literally COVERED in dings, scratches, and the like. I sanded down the rims, so now there’s pretty much no dings or scratches. It’s actually really nice now.

My current most dinged up throw has to be either my Dv888 or ProtoStar