new to yoyoing need help please!


I don’t use duncan I got a yomega once worst thing I paid for ever! so I don’t get Duncan for that reason either just YYJ, YYF, and Rec Rev for me ^^ but if you need little tips I would be glad to help ^^

The Metal Drifter is an undersized Metal Zero with a better axle and response pads. It is unresponsive and fun, good way to spend $20.

Ian I am sure that your stereotypes of those two companies are false, so good job being a lemming. Have a nice day.

I have a drifter good for intermediate going into advanced.
Looks nice and has a wide butterfly shape and is good for grinds.It feels so comfortable in the hand its crazy. I can do some of my best tricks on it stock but cannot do anything involving having the yoyo hang in the air like for whips. you have to throw it with a tilt to do thumb grinds and around 4 string raps the string fills the gap completely causing the sound you hear when you do a trapeze on a raider or other “none butterfly” shaped yoyos.

This would not be recommended for a beginner or expert.

I bought it to be my “beater” yoyo as in the one I carry to school and everywhere because my modded hotshot after 3 paint jobs all removed crudly and with 4 cracks had become obsolete and ugly (also now its missing a hex screw because someone at school had lost one on his new hotshot. I think i did the right thing).

I do not recommend this for someone who’s favorite trick is sleeper but (shrug :-\ ) the damage is done.

hahah i put the sleeper as my favorite trick as a joke lol an i was thinkin about gettin a diff yoyo til i get better an i was looking at tha yyj dark master are somethin like that. what do yall thimk about that yoyo

the dark magic II’s twice of what you paid for the drifter.

yea i no its like 40 r 50…do any of yall know a good set up for the metal drifters to make it better?

more or less responsive?
more thick lube
less thin lube

This is what I did: First I bought a yomega dash (good beginner choice) but in a month was trying to learn tricks that it couldn’t handle so I bought a Yuuksta. Now I wish that instead of buying the dash first I would have just bought the Yuuksta instead of both and saved 20 bucks. In other words just spend the money and get a high end yoyo and make the first “trick” you learn a bind. Or a YYF speed dial would be a good choice: That one can do anything from gravity pulls to Yuuki Slack.

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