Proper 0A setup for YYF Confusion

Hey y’alls,

I was wondering what where you guys using to make the Confusion enough responsive to have some 0A fun… I personally found a setup this weeks that works good enough for it to be back in my rotation. So here is what I did.

  1. Swapped the bearing which was getting too unresponsive for a ‘cheap’ one I found on amazon that had been greaced to survive a couple of zombie appocalipse
  2. Use cotton type 10…

With this, the yoyo will respond quite easily, which is amazing :slight_smile:
I do prefer wood but the confusion is fun b/c I don’t need to care about string tension :slight_smile:



I put in the flush fitting pads, Kitty Fat or Cotton type 10 string, and brain lube in the bearing.

I prefer the flush fitting pads over the ones that sit out a bit because I found for me the ones that stick out get to be too snaggy.


I don’t have kitty fat but I’d be curious to try it out! That said, I should relube properly my YYF bearing… but to be fair it was getting unresponsive and I had all those bearing lying around for my Stummol8 tops that I never got around to clean up :slight_smile:

The flush pad are interesting to know, I know the thick pad makes all sorts of noise with that setup but they are not too too snaggy at the moment ( but they are quite used too… so )

Thanks for the answer !!!
Go 0A go!!!

Just in case you missed it, we’ve got a dedicated thread to 0A here, once the internet allows us a way to transport physical things through the internet we’ll have punch and cake there :smiley:


Thanks Aaron. I did miss it :slight_smile:

Kind of just back into yoyo’ing due to 0A. So, I’ll continue my quest there :stuck_out_tongue: