Poor man's Canvas


What are some yoyos that look like the Canvas, and play like it, but much cheaper? Since most of us aren’t lucky enough to own one or don’t have the money for it, I thought of looking for some alternatives. Here’s my list so far :

Rec Rev Sharp
Rec Rev Carbon
Duncan FHZ
Duncan Freehand AL
3yo3 Bassline 2
Anti-Yo Ywet
Anti-Yo Bapezilla 2
Anti-Yo Vizilla
One Drop 54
One Drop Benchmark O

As you can see it’s not very large so help me out.

Edit: Beat, FG, or Blank Canvases don’t count.






Fools Gold canvas


I’m not a huge organic fan, but there are a few that I love and adore. One of those is the Canvas. Another is the new Bassline2. 'Nough said.




Beat Canvas.


This. You cannot go wrong with a Bassline 2. It is VERY similar to the Canvas. It plays beautifully. I have not put mine down. Get one.


This seems interesting. I love my canvas more than anything.

(Rock Shouse) #10

Yep…very similar to 3YO3 Bassline 2!

(Amplified) #11

Blank canvas?


Not really. I own one and it’s somewhat different.


I found the 54 with ultralights and the Canvas to be pretty similar.


Yoyofficer Crayon.


Bassline 2 would be my answer

except its better than the canvas


So excited to see the Bass Line 2 love in here. I really hope manufacturers take notice that people still love well designed pure organic throws.


Money down that the Markmont Classic will be another.

Square Wheels Nomad is one!

The manufacturers know. :wink:


I have not played a Canvas but if you are looking for an organic shape, the Bass Line 2 is so good! The charcoal blast is scrumdiddlyumptious!

I want another OD 54 back in my collection. Getting it charcoal blasted sounds even mo betta.