I describe my perfect throw


and you kind people recommend yo-yos that sound similar :slight_smile:

.has a more classic ‘butterfly’ shape, i really don’t like the deep Vs
.doesn’t play too fast, my style is a little more laid back and contemplative
.not too light on the string, has a little weight to it
.very smooth
.something that will last, i’ve only purchased 2 yo-yos in the past 3 years and i imagine this will probably be my last

thanks in advance

(G2 Jake) #2

Triton and the chief seem to fit very nicely. Both are full size.

(UmeNagisa) #3

The canvas is perfect for that!
Lynx, and Peak are winners too.


Maybe a YYF Mutant DNA? That thing is a stable behemoth.



General-Yo Torrent 2, CLYW Canvas, ILYY Falcon, One Drop 54, G Squared Albatross


Maybe try out a c3 halo, or if you are looking to go metal the capless.


Onedrop 54 with spikes or code 1 side effects! found the canvas a bit too light, its one of those unfeelable throws to me.

The 54 has much more presence then the other yoyos described, and is very underrated. One of the best organic yoyos out there!


wow, i’m not sure if i should be delighted or daunted by the amount of choices out there ;D
many thanks for the recommendations everyone


I second the canvas. I played one and fealt it was way to heavy for my taste but it’ll probly fit you pretty well

Any of the difeyo’s would probly be good for you as well


I actually agree. I played a canvas like twice, and it just shreds for your style.