What should I add to my collection ?


Want to buy a new throw or two but can’t decide on what. At the moment my favourites or goto are Burnside, 1937 V2, Code 2 and quite like the io. Looking for something that is smooth, stable and plays slow so it’s easy to learn stuff with. There’s load I like the look of :-\

Any suggestions ?

CLYW Avalanche.

Had one and didn’t like it, like the AC though.

Well, what are some of your preferences? What size are you interested in? What shapes do you like? It’s hard to make recommendations based on what you’ve given us.

The AC is a great jojo.

Nothing under 54mm, I like the feel of the io (smooth rounded) but Burnside is one of my favourites and that’s not very rounded :-\

Been looking at the OD 54, Genesis and some Turning Points.

Well I can say that the 54 in no way

, It’s reallllly light. Still a nice yoyo, just super light and fast.

If your looking for something plays slow, I’m thinking you want something floaty.

These yoyos come to mind

The light chief
Cascade depending on which side effects

The albatross would be good for you

Got one ;D and like it a lot, actually considered getting another one in AL7 if there’s any left.

Definitely sounds like you could use a Cascade. GZR if you can track one down. Big, smooth, stable and comfortable in the hand.

I agree.

Chiefy chief!

Everyone that has gotten an AL7 love it.


chief are so smooth and fast that you are going to love it

slow you definitly would want a avant grade 2

those are nice