Poll on fail rate of strings.


Hey there everyone,
I’ve hear a few stories of people having a bad day when their generic string breaks on them.
I’m trying to find out how common this is, so if you could list below how many times it has happened, brand, and amount of use, etc. that would be great!
Thanks! ;D

Note: If any string has broken on you, even a handmade, those details would be great.


I hada popstar. I threw ir down. It whacked the ground and rolled away. Yyf stock string


Most of the stories I’ve heard were about stock YYF string.


Never had string break on me.

Rule of thumb- replace it before it breaks!


I don’t think I’ve ever had any poly snap on me, but slick 6 has snapped maybe two times.


A few times.

When I got my Agapes, 2(of the 3) needed to be rubbed down because of the blasting process. Broke 2 strings on one AGAPE and then was told what to do, so I did both of the ones that were blasted and the problem vanished.

Another time was my Duncan Metropolis. Went through 2 strings fast. Same issue but a serious rub-down didn’t resolve the issue so it was exchanged through Duncan.

After that, it’s been over-use of string and just wearing out and breaking.


On my metro i just polished the tops of the ridges surroing the silicon and bearing


YYF one stock string snapped. Also 100% poly on my protostar snapped, almost broke a window!


twice both YYE string one on a loop 900 and poly on a wooden axle. It is the risk you take when you use poly in high friction situations


i’ve never broke a string being cotton or poly. been throwing for a year and a half gone through around 100+ strings and nothing.


I broke 2 within 30 min once. However, they were stock Duncan butterflys with stock string. Other than that I have never broken any others.


I have never used anything but yye string, and a few hundred kittys. I have purchased around 900 yye strings from my order history, and never had a break. Only problem was some orange ones once were all frayed and sticky so I just threw em out.

(Owen) #13

The only time a string has vroken on me was with my Duncan Echo. And that was 2 year ago and it had a old string in it, so yeah change your string often kids


I’ve had I think two YYE poly strings break on me after only about 5 or 6 throws each. One on my brand new Catalyst, and one and my brand new Avant Garde. Those were the only times YYE poly broke on me, and the only times strings for those yoyos broke. I think it was just still rough on the inside from me not playing with it much, but I’m not sure.

They both came out of it without a scratch though, so it was all good. ;D


I only use regular poly and it’s only broken on loopers and a wooden fixed axle I have. Mighty flea string has also snapped for me about 50% but if I played with them longer they’d all snap, they’re really thin and short.


When I was a newbie my YYE poly snapped on me once, though that was probably more my fault for not replacing it soon enough. Now, though, I mainly use Toxic or YYSL, but regular poly works fine for me, just doesn’t last as long


The past four strings on my bounty hunter I’ve changed when they’ve broken. Only one broke at the bearing.

Two broke here of all places:


I have had a couple bulk poly strings break on me but it was mainly because they were way overused. Also they broke normally at the slip knot. I once had a yoyo fly like ten feet across my classroom because of this. Almost hit a kid in the head.


Cotton never fails


The only thing you would use cotton for is for fixed axle, and the fixed axle burns through it. Cotton strings are the only strings I have ever broken.