Bad luck with stock string

Ok, so every single stock string I’ve ever used has snapped. It all started with my Duncan metal drifter back in 2013. Yoyo smacked into the floor, but it was fine. Same with my yomega glide and yyf shutter. After these three hit the ground (damage was minimal, thankfully) I decided to not use any stock string that came with a yoyo. Four years later, I find myself with a new sOMEThING Phaser. I bought some SMT type 2 string once and really liked it, so I thought it would be fine to use the string that came with my phaser. After all, it’s not like they have any breakable cotton string they package with their yoyos. So I’m doing some combos and after a solid throw I hear that horribly distinct SNAP sound and feel an undesirable weightlessness on my finger as I watch my Phaser roll (on carpet) into the corner of the room.

I don’t blame the string or the companies that make them. This has never happened when I bought string in bulk like yyr, something, kitty, blueprint, or even the more inexpensive yoyoexpert brand string. Needless to say, I won’t be using anymore stock string for the rest of my life. Walk the dog is a nice trick, but runaway dog is a different story haha. Thank you for reading my story

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I hate to hear that! but then ive never used any of the stock strings. Once I started using nicer strings, the feel of most supplied strings are just “bleh.”

Look into Poly/Nylon or even full Nylon strings. There are plenty of boutique string suppliers around, and many many established brands. Try quality over quantity. I always say Id rather have 4 quarters than a hundred pennies.


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I find it’s good to take any yoyo (that you are playing with a lot) apart every now and then (once a day maybe?) to check the state of the string. If you see ANY fraying in the string around the axle, it is VERY BAD news and the string should be changed immediately.

For example, I opened one of my yoyos to undo a tight tangle and saw this


:fearful: only a matter of time once you see any fraying around that axle…

I’ve also had some bad experiences with a few string cutters based on the edges of the yoyo being kinda sharp and abrasive, but that’s a different topic.

I remember years ago I was in the same boat and refused to use the strings that came stock on a yoyo. Not for durability reasons but more so that I was so used to my go to poly from another store, I couldn’t think of using anything different.

I ended up being asked to do a review for a yoyo that at the time was brand new and as well try the string that it came with. I always wasn’t much a fan of boutique strings but I figured for the sake of the review I’d give it shot. About five minutes into playing, the string gave a sharp “snap” and the Yoyo went down the stairs to the concrete base. I was pretty peeved to say the least. >.>

Nowadays I only use Kitty regular and standard poly for 2A, and if possible avoid stock strings :3

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I remember that review! I don’t think I ever got an explanation of why the drink/sauce on the side kept changing during the video :rofl:

Dang dude. that’s some seriously bad luck :confused: I’ve never had a stock string break on me. I have ordered a 100 pack of strings and they ALL were frayed. That was SUPER annoying.

It kind of reminds me of when buying more expensive bikes. They’re shipped without pedals bc everyone has their own clips or pedals they prefer.

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You should also check the string on the finger loop. I’ve had more string fraying there than on the axle end of the string, especially on loopers.

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