stock string snap?

Is it ok to use stock string that comes with the yoyo? (Yoyo:Chief) I’ve heard that the stock string snaps easily, and I really don’t want my new yoyo rolling down the concrete…

Stock like directly from CLYW? Pretty sure they ship with Kitty or Slackline, you’ll be fine.

Yeah, both my clyw throws shipped with kitty string, you should be good

If you can’t tell when a string is bad, and you are worried about your throw, change the string. You are going to change the string near daily anyhow.

You’re supposed to change the string?

I haven’t seen an issue w/strings on new yoyos in all the time I’ve been doing this. All of my fixed axles came w/cotton, which you need to watch, but that’s a given.

Thanks guys! Now I don’t need to worry about it :smiley:

Near daily?
Either I have weak arms or you are using weak string lol.

I could happily change my strings daily, especially if I’m using primarily one or two yoyos. In most cases I don’t “have” to… I have never broken a string (except cotton on fixie) and most of the time they’re not even “unplayable” or anything. But I like the way a fresh string plays and it’s not the most expensive part of my hobby.

I notice string needs changing about every 4-8 hours. It isn’t necessarily going to break but it loses its bounce, becomes hard, rigid, dirty and frayed. But somedays I will change string 2-3 times if I have the day off, and sometimes a string can last me weeks on a yoyo just because I don’t have time to throw or I’m changing throws a lot. Good string won’t break on you, at least you will easily notice it needs to be changed long before you risk losing your throw and breaking a window.

I did break some lights when I first started yo-yoing however because I used the string that came with the cheap $10 yoyo I bought from the local toy store. It had a starburst response system, ball bearing, and cotton string, it was a sweet throw. But sure enough, 1-2 weeks into yo-yoing you just have to throw around the worlds as many times as you can and sure enough I broke fluorescent lights at work because the string snapped.

Since I switch yo-yos often, I’ll usually change strings first thing in the morning because I can never be sure how long the string has been on there. Then I’ll change again during the day if it feels necessary (more likely on Expert string than Kitty). I just like the feel of fresh string!

Maybe this is nothing more than one person’s extraordinarily bad luck, but I’ve had two instances where stock string on a brand new yoyo broke within the first five or ten throws (one of which was the very first throw), so I ALWAYS change out the stock string.

The issue, I believe, was that the strings had likely been attached during assembly of the yoyo itself, and one or more stray threads had gotten stuck between the bearing and the bearing seat. At least that’s my theory.