Darn string

i was playing with my yoyo in my back yard an the worst thing ever happens my string snaps and the yoyo slams into the ground (speeder 2) it breaks into 3 pieces the body and the 2 rings (rings come off) my yoyo rolls and goes into the pool with one ring and the other goes in the opposite direction. Man my yoyo! was able to fix but still not sure if it is ok

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I’ve heard of rings popping off before. Sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it isn’t.

If you’re not already, use polyester strings and check them often to see if they require replacement. The best way to tell is if the string that is very close to the yoyo is fraying excessively.

Also check where the slip knots catches at your finger. That’s where most of mine break.

Case in point: I was yo-yoing yesterday with cotton string with my Power Brain Wing XP, and the string broke right below the slip knot. My yoy-yo went flying (almost hit my living room window).