POLL: 3YO3 Logo Design Contest!!!! Win an Al5 :)

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered!! We had a TON of awesome entries, and we literally sat down looking through all of them for hours! We’ve had a blast doing this, and I sure hope you guys have too. So, without any further ado, here are the top 3! The winner will be announced on January 20th! :slight_smile:

Entry #1!!

Entry #2!!

Entry #3!!

That second logo is just too good. It’ll look cool on packaging as well as small scale as an engraving. The third one is also awesome, I just don’t think it will look as good as a small logo, a little too busy.

#3 all the way

#2 is the best
second is #1

#3 is a bit disappointing.

Just happy to be in the running, but thanks, Navythrow. I’m glad you like it. I think all three are awesome and would look crazy cool as 3yo3’s new mark.

As soon as I saw entry 2 posted in the other thread I knew it would win. Anyways grats to all 3 of you and good luck. I still submitted an entry although I thought #2 was a winner. Good luck guys, and well done.

So happy to be in the running. Regardless of the winner thanks for the opportunity!!

Third one would be beast on tshirts and stickers.

Entry #1,2

yours is the only one worth using.

Bummer… I still like my designs the best, but none the less my vote goes to Mike and #2! Thanks for the opportunity Landon!

thanks bro

I like 1.

#2 is a good design and has potential. That style of 3 works better mirrored because it doesn’t end up looking like an E, but the shapes are too bulky aren’t very legible. If you added a white line, the same width as the outside black line, offset from the inside edge of the 3s, the shape would be better defined and would pop out more --That would be my top pick.

Personally, I liked the tie-dye logo with the peace sign.

That was a pretty cool image. I think Landon should ask Links if he could use that sometimes. I don’t think it’s a great image for a yoyo engraving or a traditional brand logo, but for packaging or t-shirts or something, it would be cool.

I would definitely buy that t-shirt.

So would I :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys. I knew it wouldn’t really work that well for a logo, but I’m proud of it.

#2 gets my vote. It just works on so many levels. #3 is really good, but not from a logo stand-point. I’d still like to see it on stickers or something.

This is one of the most fun and coolest yoyo contests I’ve seen in a while. Thanks Landon. Not many companies let the public create something that will be branded on all their products.

I honestly think #1 is tops. It is the cleanest and clearest design

#2 is cool too but it’s too confusing at a glance and not very clear

#3 is great, but a little too complex for a logo. As others have said, it would look great as a sticker!

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I don’t know about “too confusing” for the second one. Logos don’t need to be instantly readable, they just need to be instantly recognized. Plenty of good examples out there, like the Nike Swoosh or the AT&T globe. The fact that you can identify the characters “3yo3” with a bit of inspection is almost incidental.

Keep those votes coming!! Remember to tell all your friends to vote as well! The contest ends this Sunday (January 20th) so you only have a few days left to make your opinion known!!!

I’m really glad you’re enjoying it!! Thanks for all of you who have already voted and posted about your likes/dislikes and why you like them!! I love all the input you’ve been giving!!

I can’t wait to see who wins! ;D