Grand Rapids Yoyo Co. logo contest!


Oh, Hello there.

Today I posted a thread in the manufacturing section involving my new yoyo company, Grand Rapids Yoyo Co…

Well, sadly, I am lacking a logo. I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to graphic design.

Therefore, I am asking you, the members of yoyoexpert, to help me design a logo.


  • Logo just have the words “Grand Rapids Yoyo Co.” in it.
  • Logo just be made on a computer - Nothing hand drawn

Other than that, you guys have complete creative freedom. Make it as colorful (or not) as you want.


You will have two weeks to produce a logo, with the contest ending Monday, November 19th. On that day, two logos will be chosen. These two logos will then be put in a poll for voting, where one will be chosen. The voting will end Friday, November 23rd, with the winner being announced Saturday, November 24th.


Because you’ll win stuff, that’s why!

1st place (Logo winner) -

-Gets 30 strings of choice for free
-Gets credit for designing the logo

2nd place (Other person who got into the poll)

  • Gets 15 strings of choice for free

Not into designing logos? Well, I still want to give you a chance to win. Because voting is important, I’ll be choosing one random person who posted in the thread (non winner) who voted (PLEASE INDICATE IF YOU VOTED) who will receive 10 strings of their choice for free.

Thanks guys, I look forward to seeing your submissions.


I’ll have something for you by tomorrow or Tuesday. Really digging the looks of your strings.



I’ll try my hand at this.


JLaunched the GRYC Facebook page yesterday. Look how silly that picture looks. Please, for just a small logo donation you can have the Facebook page looking much better.



Might want to have an extension because as far as I can see there’s no entries :confused:


Maybe they were Pm’d?

Or maybe people actually want to take their time to make a logo for such a respectable guy. :slight_smile:


Indeed, there has been a lack of entries. More than likely there will be an extension or I’ll just have to make one by myself.


Use the owl.

It’s amazing.


Sorry, Jake. I’ve been super busy.


No problem. I’ve been super busy recently too, so I haven’t been able to get strings out to testers.

While I have the feeling that using the owl would require a name change, it’s actually not a bad idea.

The Owl is amazing.

EDIT: Woo, copyright law rocks. I’d rather not pay $40+ to use the image.


Dang, that stinks!


logo I made tonight. Opinions?


It’s an OK start. The “string” width doesn’t need to be more (or at least not so much more) than the words. The typeface is a little on the thin side for a name like “Grand Rapids”. Maybe for a company called “Le Mystique” or something, but not rugged enough for the outdoorsy-sounding name.

Emphasizing the first letters invites customers to start calling you GRYC, which is probably a good thing… on the other hand, even without that emphasis, the long company name would probably produce the same result. :wink:

I do like the “string” part of the logo, but it should also be noted that you don’t need to have a literal tie-in to yoyo products for it to work. Most of the best logos in the yoyo world don’t look like yoyos or yoyo parts at all. And in fact, the best logos in the world generally have little or nothing to do with the products.

Finally, although there are no hard rules and many exceptions, the closer a logo can get to square, the more useful it will be in a wider range of applications. Wide or tall logos are hard to produce marketing materials (like stickers or t-shirts) for. There are exceptions, but in the global market even those exceptions often have a secondary logo or logotype that is a close-to-square version for particular purposes.

I’m tempted to give this a shot, not for the sake of the contest but because I have much respect for you! And also because I feel like a bit of a tool giving all this advice and sounding like a know-it-all without providing concrete examples.


Thanks for the quite quick feedback.

You should try to make a logo! It would be fun, in sure.

(SR) #15

I just made a logo then the program I was using crashed and now it’s gone.


I very much appreciate the effort.


Potato juice ;D


I attempted but now that I look at it again it doesn’t look too more or less sucks