Big Yoyo String Logo Contest


Hey everybody, we need a logo for Big Yoyo Strings. And so, we are holding a contest for it. Deadline is September 30, so that gives all you artists and/or computer wizards a little time to work your magic. You will be competing for 50 strings, and the whole world seeing our logo, but you made the logo. I think that would be pretty cool.

Here are some requirements:
-I must be able to downloade the file
-Must be in color (kind of self-explanatory)
-Must be your own original work, no plagirizing
-Needs to have something to do with our name, Big Yoyo Strings (Maybe a Yoyo exploding out of something, I don’t know)

Also, make sure you have fun, as what good is a contest that isn’t fun???

Please post your entries here, so other people can see them as well.


hey September 30 2012 i can try


the car is is a nissan skyline


Thank you for youe contribution. That is very creative, with the car and all. You are a great artist. However, I think that kind of takes away from the appeal, and may even make customers look over it. These will be seen in retail stores, my string is already in one hobby shop, with more to come


Something I whipped up real quick. If you like it, but want it edited a different way let me know and I can do that. If you like my photography but want me to redo this with different “scenery” let me know as well. Thats the magic of photography, its easily edited and can be remade anywhere!

I just read and saw it needs to be in color…Oops. Ill upload a few more periodically to see if you like any :smiley:


Take 2: Color Photo, “Bigyoyo strings” name added. Hope you like it :smiley:

I like this one better than my black and white one I think.


I really like this one! I like it more than the first as well. And that string in there, I love that color yellow I make :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a great yellow! It’s not neon (I love neon), but it’s not a dark yellow. It reminds me of mustard. It’s a good string color! Keep it!


Bump!! We need to get some logos going!! 50 strings is a huge prize!!


I’ll try to get my big brother to make a logo.


@Logi Awesome dude!


tommorow i shall post a logo


Good! Logos shall be made! Bump again for a good cause!


hey here are some entries i made hope you like them it took me over two hours personnally i like my second one


Bump for a friend. Come on, make this man a logo!


Uh are my logos not good enough?


Bump, make some logos :slight_smile:


yes yes 10 days from now the logo of the winner shall be posted


come one i want to win i need new yoyo strings!