Monthly Big Yoyo String Sticker Contest!

Hey Guys!

What’s Crackalackin? We here at Big Yoyo String have been busy creating orders for the holidays, but now that it is cooled down and our production shop is closed until the new year, we figured we should get some contests going!

This is our official sticker contest! It is similar to the YYE sticker contest EXCEPT you can post as many times as you’d like. We will pick 2 winners every month; I will pick one, and one will be picked by our sponsored players (M.Dev1, Proboscis, and Moefv). The winner receives a pack of string of their choice*, and of course you get stickers.

How do I enter?

Basically, just take your stickers you received (from an order, or if we sent you some), and stick them in the most creative place possible. Nothing is frowned upon here, if you want to cover a McDonald’s sign with them at 2 in the morning, go right ahead! (we are not responsible for any trouble you get in ;))

What if I don’t have stickers?

Well let us know! We can fix that! We know everybody loves stickers, so we will send you a couple.However, if you want a large amount, we do sell them 10 for $1 shipped. The reason we can’t just give you 20 is because of the fact we got high-quality, super-sticky stickers with a glossy finish- they’re quite expensive. Even selling them 10 for $1 shipped has us losing money. But money is no object, as long as you guys have fun!

As for photo-sharing sites, I believe that Flickr is best, but there is also photobucket, instagram (mobile app), shutterfly, etc. Click Here to find out how to embed pictures.

Our first winners will be picked Jan. 1st, so that leaves you guys like a week and a half. However, from then on we will pick winners every 1st of the month.

*string pack of choice excludes type 3 string
We are not responsible for any damage done to you yourself, others, buildings, vehicles, or anything else you could damage. We will not be held liable for any injuries to yourself or others. By entering this contest you agree that you will not blame Big Yoyo String or its affilliates for anything. Pictures must be your own, stealing pictures will get you banned from the contest. We may ask your permission to use your picture for advertising.

This is a great idea! One question off topic though, when was Moefv added to the team?

I don’t have any stickers, do you guys think you might send me some?

Send us a message Gambino Girl!

To Mason- A couple weeks ago, although I just sent him his welcome package today, so that is why nobody knows

This is an awesome idea! And yes I am on Team Big Yoyo Strings and proud haha! God Bless - Moefv

Dwahhh?! Nice! Welcome to the team Moe! You should find me on Facebook :slight_smile:


Hmm, wish I could do this… But I have no stickers! I do have string though.:stuck_out_tongue:

message us via Facebook for stickers! Big yoyo string

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I have no Facebook! :frowning:

Pm BigYoyo here on the forums then!

I’m glad there is so much interest in this contest series! Ive gotten like 5 pms


Thanks Glad to be on the team! God Bless - Moefv

Bumpity Bump! We need some entries

I’ll be posting mine when I get mine and have an idea to put it somewhere. :smiley:


I was gonna put one on a sign in the Walmart parking lot…but I work at the subway there so I didn’t want to get in trouble to the point where I may get fired…haha :smiley:

Haha nice Proboscis. On my Flickr I have some pictures of where I have stuck them. There were 3 more parking meters, but when I came back the next day there were no-parking bags over the meters because they plowed the snow. I should go back this week and get some pics


Bump! 1 more day to post pics for December

Let’s hope I can find get my stickers tomorrow and find a camera…