Unknown Yoyo String's Second logo contest!!!

Hey! so as you may remember a while back we had a logo contest for my string Co.

Sadly soon after i made it Bryan Figueroa made his company named Unknown. :frowning:
So i decided to make a logo for my most popular string. Jackrabbits! And use it when i sell string to retailers as well as make stickers Ect… Following that please don’t list the company name. Just the string name. :slight_smile:

There are going to be two ways to win!

  1. The first one is going to be picked by me
  2. The most original version picked by the community.

Post your entry in this thread.

What i’m looking for is something like this.

But i want the rabbit to look like one of these

Creativity welcome!

The winner will receive 15 Strings of their choice and the logo will be used in a promotional video.
The winner of the community voted logo will receive 10 strings of choice and may see their logo on a future T-Shirt.

So what are you waiting for? Get going!

Those bike racks were designed by David Byrne of the talking heads :slight_smile: I’ve locked up to them before.

Good luck to all who enter! Help het your we out there while helping modman get a killer piece ornery for his best string the jackrabbit!




Does it matter what color it is?

Give me an hour or two, and I should have something cooked up!

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Alright! I’ve got 3. You can pick which one, I just didn’t know if you wanted color or not (and words or not):

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I got something special for the winner! G2 themed possible but maybe not, but it will be awesome though! (What free yoyo related thing isn’t awesome?)

And leg I enjoyed the last one!

Thanks! I wasn’t sure how simple or complex he wanted it, so my progression became my entry :smiley:

Rock a super cool one you thing would be awesome and the ones you posted just have fun with it looks like you might swoop the prizes as you’re the only real entry.

Haha yeah… Though I wish there were more entries (as much as I like being the only one :D). From what I’ve heard these are great strings, and it’s a shame not more people want to develop some PS skills along the way of helping a good string to far.

I’ve already learned something new on Ps, and just had a couple more ideas I might post shortly.

Working and school is a pain so I haven’t had the time to make any thing yet. I think I may stay up late tonight and attempt to create a little something of my own :stuck_out_tongue: maybe

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Yeah man! Go for it! My bro cooked up something for the contest. I’ll probably have to post it for him though, lol, he’s like never been on his account XD

Hey guys, here’s my entry(s)!!! 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Dude I love this one!

I shouldn’t even post mine now. It’s all black because photoshop isn’t letting me do anything. I hate software. I can make cool things when it doesn’t matter but if i try to do something like this, it doesnt want to work with me…

I have something good, but i have to use Microsoft Paint.


yeah that’s my bro’s. he never gets on lol. But he saw me photoshopping and was like “I wanna make one”. So with a lot of help, and 2 hours later, he came up with that :smiley:

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