unknown yoyo string logo contest!

Hey everyone! So, to get right down to it i need a logo fro unknown yoyo string.

I need it to be about 2x3 inches

Digital prefered.

The winner gets a free 15 pack of string!

lets see some people be creative and make a cool logo :slight_smile:

Someone make one and win so I can use it in my video! Haha

No Entries!! Seriously people I got this string today and honestly its some of the best string I’ve tried. I’m about to make a logo and get the pack for myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Whipped one up.

Ill try to make one later today

I’ll try to come up with one :slight_smile: any rules???

No rules! Just want it to be something that pertains to the company name…These strings are awesome people!

If it’s a contest, should it at least have some parameters? The only one given is that the image has to be “2x3 inches”. 2 Inches wide? Tall? Any info would help.

What about a deadline? Or a little more info about the prize. Personally I’ve never heard of Unknown Yoyo Strings. For all I know they could be some cheap polyester that last 20 minutes.

The best way to attract people is with an attractive incentive. And it wouldn’t hurt to have some proper grammar in your original post. It’ll make you at least look half-way professional.

Not trying to be critical, just playing devil’s advocate.

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Okay how about we do it like this. The Deadline is March 20th. There are no parameters as far as what logo is allowed. It would be more suitable to have a logo that is associated with the string company name. What I believe Modman10 means, is that he is looking for a logo that is 2 inches wide and 3 inches tall. However, IMO that isn’t a necessity and getting a logo that fits the name is most important.

The winner will be receive a 15 pack of Unknown String (jackrabbits). You guys can take my word that they are great strings and worth the small amount of time needed for making the logo. The strings will be Neon Yellow and they have a nice semi-firm feel and soften with break in. They hold tension great and slacks are a breeze with them. I just got them but they seem to be lasting a while and I have it on all my main throws.

This is a new company and we are trying to create a brand image by first getting a logo and what way to get more recognized then having a forum member make a logo and win some amazing string. This is a small homebrew string company that is trying to make it in this community.

I can try and make one later or tomorrow. Also, I wouldn’t call it Unknown YoYo String for a couple of reasons: First, Bryan Figueroa just started a company called Unknown and has already released a product so there might be confusion/anger. Second, there was a yoyo released by MadHouse called the Unknown I believe.

Here’s a quick one from me. The low resolution made the string look all jagged, but imagine it’s a straight line.

@ Links: Dude, yours is awesome. BTW, I didn’t intend on ours looking so similar. :wink:


Yes you did. Plagiarism! Plagiarism! He should be disqualified.

I like the use of the yoyo in the question mark. Quite sneaky.

MikeEff’s logo is super dope. I really dig it.

Only thing I would suggest is maybe a different font, or no text. Or something else.

But that guy with the hands/string/question mark… super sick

It just shows that great minds think alike. 8)
And yeah, that ? kind of revealed itself to me as the design came together.

Thanks, man. Originally I didn’t have any text, so maybe that’s why it looks like it’s tacked on. But I agree. A spray paint font might look way better. For this font (Bauhaus), I thought that the Ns kind of mimicked the hoody shape… sort of. That’s why I went with it.

Small addition.


Whatever you do, just don’t change the main part of that logo. It’s soooo sick.

Wow! just wow! I cant see the other one.

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Hey guys sorry i did not update this thread, i was at a contest all day, a few things to point out/ make more clear.

-The size does not really matter but dont make it gigantic.
-There is a link to my web site in my sig, it is a work in progress.
-The logo will be judged bye me yomagic and kulazndoode.
-I’m realy flexible on the prize

Hope this makes it more clear, and good job on the logos.


Logo I made: