unknown yoyo string logo contest!


2 more days!!! Get those entries in :slight_smile:

Hmm these look good. Can’t wait to see more!

Just a little something I whipped up. I like simplicity. :slight_smile: Good luck to everyone.

Edit: Here’s one more.

Last day to enter!

Went Simple and “digital”

I love how you incorporated question marks so many ways.

My fav so far!

We are actually going to push the deadline back till tomorrow March 22nd so if anyone wants to enter a logo they can make some last minute entries!

LinksLegionaire is the winner! Congratulations!

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Way to go, Links! Nice job.
Super sharp logo. I actually think it can stand on it’s own with just the text and handprint too.

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Couldn’t have lost to a more stand up fella.


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MikeEff can i use the majority of your logo for my Facebook cover photo lol. Just gonna remove the question mark and text. If you have a higher res version you should shoot it to me