So as most of you know Landon from 3yo3 started a contest for the new company logo!!! Well the first phase has finished and the top 3 were selected and voting has begun! I was lucky enough to be selected in the top 3 and I am asking you if you will please go vote. Even if you don’t vote for me(PLEASE DO MY ENTRY IS LOGO #1!) vote anyways cause there are great logos and its a AWESOME contest!

Yours isn’t good though.

It’s better than #3.

that’s fine vote regardless. No haters needed thou. Internet tough guys aren’t cool anymore. also, dont get mad that you didn’t submit one in time.

Wow that was uncalled for.

Obviously Landon thought it was.


That was insanely rude. Seriously, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t put anything. That was just really mean.


I like his the best. Not cool.

What exactly was running through your head when you posted this?
I bet kindness wasn’t one of the things!

Do you even know what it’s supposed to be?

I like #3.