Pls share advice: Best way to make money as teen

Hi there.
I’m a teen looking for ways to quickly earn a few thousand bucks rather quickly without investing too much time into things such as a minimum wage job. I need a large sum of money to expand my titanium yoyo collection. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Honestly, lol. Earning thousands of dollars with minimal effort? Do you think making a living is a joke? Do the normal thing teens do and go out and work a low wage job. Usually jobs with a physical component pay more.


I’m an adult who welcomes the same advice. Please tell me the secret to easy money.

(I kid… I’m not interested in anyone’s pyramid scheme.)


Work hard. If you’re super good at something like coding, web design, or some other task you might be able to get someone to pay you to do it, but the advice is still the same: work hard.

Follow in the footsteps of @Roy_Dodge and don’t get suckered into a pyramid scheme.


I can’t tell if this is a joke or a real question… but if it’s real - You’re a teen as in 13-15 or 16-19?

If you’re 13-15 then go get a couple rakes and shovels. Fall is around the corner and that’s followed quickly by winter. Rake leaves, shovel driveways, get a couple friends to do more houses faster.

If you’re 16-19 get a job, learn a skill, or try to monetize an existing skillset. And getting a job doesn’t mean you need to work for minimum wage. Factories and manufacturing plants are always looking for unskilled labor, and they pay more than minimum wage if you’re willing to work hard (although I get the feeling you are not). That’s what I did in summers as a teen.


For sure. I finally learned after the third time.



Gotta work for your money. If it was that easy we’d all be rich. Sell some stuff and get a job at a plant. They always pay well.


I meant like, anything better than working minimum wage lol.


Do you have any work experience at all? I honestly wouldn’t expect you could find anything that pays more than $12 an hour, but id go with what Garrett said. I buy Ti myself, but im in my 30s, have a college degree, and work 60 hours a week.


There are many adults who make minimum wage AND work hard for it. You need to work hard and have skills that people are willing to pay more for.


No work experience whatsoever. I’m looking to dive into the realm of entrepreneurship and starting some kind of business. I’m currently making $50 a day selling snacks at school, I just need help thinking of something that will pay at least %50 more than what I earn now.


Yoyo doc is rubbing his hands for this, and warming up. If you are a savant in a particular field you could tutor for particular exams. Charge $35 per hour or so.


This is actually a great idea. Ironically, I’ve never thought of becoming a tutor.


$35 for medical exams maybe. Realistically $15 to $25 depending on subject. All this ambition for a titanium yo-yo? Wow usually it’s a car :slight_smile:


$50/day for peddling Funyuns is actually pretty good as a teen lol. You should be able to snag a nice Ti in no time, no?

But if the grades are there, def explore the tutor route.


Main problem with my current gig is that it takes up way too much time, going to supermarket and all that to get the stuff I need to sell. But yes, I do have decent marks, so I’ll look into the tutor route

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Would it be possible to source your supplies cheaper on Amazon or something? Squeeze a few more pennies out of each snack and save some time with going to the store.


yes I’ve considered that. But currently, I’m taking personalized orders from everyone the day before so mass ordering would not benefit me a lot.

Id think any high school parent looking to hire a tutor would at least look for a college student or recent grad. Im spitballing, but id think no more than 15 an hour.

As for entrepreneurial advice, i have none. But i do know that most of the time money doesn’t come easy. I think at 50 a day you are doing well with whatever scheme you have going. At this point you have two options: explore the labor market, or figure out a business model and execute it. If i had a good idea for any random teen to make thousands, id already have done it.


Tutor online. Use facebook, "Everything (insert your town here) " Offer your tutoring services as professionally as possible, you will get one chance to make a good impression. It’s a good time for tutors.