Player vs Player tournament. You decide who the worlds best thrower is.PRIZE

Alright, I thought this was kind of a good idea. Im gonna hold a tournament where instead of you guys sending in videos and all of us voting, im gonna take suggestions from you guys on who you think should be in the 16 player tournament of throwers from all over the world(i had to say throwers, itz what jayyo says and it sounds so cool! ;D)
Ill sit back for about a week and let this thread unwravle while you guys post who you think should be in the tournament. You each will bet on one player who think should be the best thrower (no stealing each others competitors.) I will enter who i think are the most reasonable players in a sixteen man bracket and each three days i will post a battle, evaluate the players myself, and hold an open vote. Winning Throwers will advance to the next battle and so on until we are down to the last competitors. For each battle your competitor wins, you will gain 1 point for winning, and 1 point for advancing. (So your score more points every time you advance.) When you lose, thats it your out NO DOUBLE ELIMINATION. BUT THERES A TWIST. This contest will not just stop after a tournament, because thats just opinion, no he will have to prove it at worlds. After worlds 2009 i will take all the competitors and divide their points by what place they got. SOUND GOOD (tell me if this is not going to work out and PM me if you have any questions.) THERE WILL BE A PRIZE, but it won’t be decided until later because i have to see how big this tourney’s gonna be. If anyone would like to donate a prize that would be great, but if not i can manage to scavenger up something.

Your friendly neighborhood thrower,

So this is like a March Madness type thing? I’m a bit confused…

I pick Jensen Kimmit.


Hmm… good idea, like Mr. Ice Cream’s on YYN!

Guy Wright
Andrew Robinson
Tie McClellan

Augie Fash

Happy Throwing! =]

I think I get it.
Hiroyuki Suzuki

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1a: Mark Montgomery

5a: Takeshi Matsuura

yoyodisciple…PM me what you don’t get, Samad pick one ;D, and Batryn, im pretty sure Andre wont be competing at worlds!

i have John Narum! ;D

Jensen Kimmit and Yuuki Spencer!

Tyler Severance

Mark Montgomery

tyler severence for sure!


pheenix and mcorsetty, no doubles please. ;D(you have to have one that is all your own!)

So that’s what this meant:

I would say Hiroyuki Suzuki but I think I will go with John Ando.

okay, pheenix so whoz ur guy? (btw we still need 5-6 new competitors.)

Luo Yi Cheng

Shinya Kido

Oh! We’re seeing whos gonna win worlds???

Jensen Kimmitt Worlds 09 1a

I dont care that its taken. Thats who I’m going for.