Player vs Player tournament. You decide who the worlds best thrower is.PRIZE

you don’t have to do 1A! ;D But, Samad, i still need you to decide between Guy Wright, Andrew Robinson, Tie Mclellan, or someone else!!! ;D

Those are just my fav players, I dont think any of them have the capability to win worlds though.

Jensen Kimmitt. 1a

Jensen Kimmitt. 1a
Jensen all the way!!!

I love Jensen so hes the top pick fer me. Samad- You got me hooked on him and I love his style.

4A John narum FTW!!! Got 2nd last year… so yea… I have to because he lives like 10 minutes away from me w000t!

You like Narum?!!? HE’S AWESOME!! Go Narum Fans!!!

i was just agreeing.

Sebastian Brock!

Go Sebby, John Ando was taken

Okay we have three more spots!!!(no one going for takeshi matsuura)

dryoyo did.

Sterling Quinn 5a

i know but he also had mark montgomery. Well i guess since someone else said mark montgomery, i can give mark to that guy and takeshi to Dryoyo. So now two spots left, and Boyd Seth is still availible!

Shinji Saito 2A

come on guys what about eric koloski!!! He won nats!!! Hez automatically seeded in the worldz finalz!!! ;D ;D ;D

rei iwakura



Praise the Ninja Dude!


Daiske Shimada!

FINALLY, THANKS!!! ;D THIS IS CLOSED, NO MORE ENTRANTS, EXPECT A BRACKET IN 1-2 DAYZ!!! (and Samad, I did enter you under sterling quinn, not sure if that was ur pick or if you even wanted to enter, just reply if you dont though or had another competitor!) ;D

Nah, Jensen Kimmitt!

Ok, so are you going to post a list of the people who were nominated or something?

no just the first same people to say someone!(w/o saying duplicates or unreasonable people ;D)

1A: John Ando

3A: Hirouki Suziki

4A: Hironi Mii

5A: Jon Robinson