What throws are you bringing to Worlds 2013?

Hey everyone,

Just wondering what everyone is bringing to Worlds? I am not bringing the entire collection just these:

One Drop/CLYW Summit
One Drop CODE2
One Drop Cascade
One Drop Rally
CLYW Chief
Spin Dynamics Flow
Turning Point RT

And MAYBE a YYJ CLassic for those late night throw sessions with Fellavader, BPG, JROD, Mr. Dynamic and Mr. Eli

None, because I wont be there :frowning:

Maybs next year in Prague or possibly in Tokyo, but it looks like the first worlds I’ll be able to make is the 2016 one in USA

Double Joker, M10, Strider, St.Eel, Code2,Might come back with at least one more than I went with. Ok maybe 2 :). #2 Son I know wants a Kendama. So lets get this July over with . The heat in New England is worse than there we will be at home . Like old times all of us throwing .Cannot wait ,Psyched for sure Mgiroux77 (Expert).

Not going to worlds :frowning: but at nats im bringing my supernova and onestar. Onestar to play over hard floor, and supernova just for fun. And those are my only throws :’( it sucks.

As of now, I will be bringing the following in my contest bag (small):

Duncan Raptor
Yomega Dash
YYJ Theory
YYJ Surge
YYF OneStar
YYF Loop 360
TMBR Irving

I am pretty sure that I am going to buy a OD Cafe Racer at the contest too.

I won’t be going, but I wanted to add that the list of people you quoted makes it seem like those late night throwing sessions will be really fun. That’s something I’d love to be a part of. I hope you all have a really great time.



Lol I’m taking my whole collection.

Yes that group is a TON of fun!! We have gotten together on many occasions and have always had a blast!!!

I hadn’t thought about it yet, but I’ll bring at least one CODE2, one fixed axle, one plastic, and a bunch of string!

I heard that the weather in South FL can be a pain on string… :slight_smile:

I will make sure to bring as much as I can…

I will bring absolutely everything. Including Instinct’s prototype Inverse. Find me if you wanna try it out, need feedback and criticism!

Bringing out the big case.

Sweet!!! Can not wait to see you there!!

Check out my bst for a sneak peek!

I just need a new case in the mean time. Thinking about the pelican 1490, anyone try it yet?

Also, has anyone ever gotten a case stolen at worlds?