Getting back into yoyo'ing?

Hello everyone. I have not thrown a yoyo in probably over a year. I don’t own any throws currently either. I am pretty much completely out of the loop so to speak haha. So I am just looking for some tips on getting motivated to throw again. Also what are some good throws to look for now? I was always a big General Yo fan but now I won’t be able to get ahold of any of Ernies stuff for ahwile it looks like. I liked Anti-Yo what I had thrown, the blue and orange release. The name slips my mind haha. And also CLYW ect. I thought I would go back through Andre’s video tuts as well. Thanks everyone.

I find that watching some good YoYo vids is a good place to start.
Maybe check some of the top videos on
Glad to see you back good sir!

Also, the YoYo you are thinking of was the YWET from Anti yo.


Well clyw makes really good throws but they are all expensive now and gen yo is as good as ever you could probably find some on the bst or make a looking for thread i was never an anti yo fan but some people love them if you try you can find what ever on the bst

High end yoyo company’s typically dont make bad yoyos so if you’ve been off the scene for a while your preference probably won’t be the same as they used to be so my advice is to just get something pretty with good reviews

Thanks fellows. I am going to go back through Andre’s videos too. Just to spark some stuff up again.

Welcome back!

I recently went on a long forum hiatus, but never stopped throwing. A lot of great new yoyos have come out in the past year and a few new machining steps have been implemented with great success. I urge you to look at yoyos like the Cliff with an undercut in the gap because that’s really the “latest and greatest” innovation as I see it.

To start, why not pick up a nice General Yo KLR in the BST? Its a great yoyo and I’m sure you’ll love it if you’ve enjoyed previous releases by Ernie.

Thanks! If was actually looking at the Cliff tonight. I am getting a 10 from Ernie later on. If I can find a KLR I certainly will snag it.

Go to expertvillige on YouTube and see Andre’s tuts, or just go to the learn section of YYE and check out dem vids. YoYoFactory makes all KINDS of quality throws for a relatively low price. MagicYoYo is pretty popular right now, as they make a lot of metal throws for all around $15 that’ll last you a bit (total bang for your buck), so you could go with one of those if you’re not sure if you’re totally ready to get back into yoyoing.