getting back into the yoyo game

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hi guys!

i’ve been out of the game for a while - probably since '13 or so. i was kinda active on yoyonation and spend alot of my time making yoyo videos and stuff (dunno if any of u remember me?)
anyway; i just ordered a replay pro, and now im super stoaked to maybe b getting back into the yoyo scene.
But dang, i don’t know what has happend in the meantime, other than worlds not in the us every gosh darned year like it used to b. i need some follow-up on the recent years changes in the yoyo scene (from '13 - '15)

are repeaters still the coolest? is everything off-axis cool? are green triangles dead yet? is yoyoexpert the only decent forum left? who’s the new big shot? ect ect ect … enlighten plz

<3 from denmark :slight_smile:

first off foul is looked down upon on the forum because this is a family friendly forum…

now Gentry Stein seems to be the all around favorite big dog thrower, but the scene is shifting so often that there are many favorites and they all have their opinion about what throw is best too.


those three tend to be the big three companies talked about these days all drawing equal hate for their practices and love from their yoyos.

metal yoyos are much cheaper compared to in 2013 and now people are using titanium too… also 3d printing is trying its best to break into the scene but we have yet to have someone make a company out of it and make it mainstream for the community other kyo.

Duncan still claims its the best yoyo company out there while laying off more the 3/4ths of its team.

the world yoyo contest now has better streams.

green triangles are still good but people are breaking into more creative stuff.

pretty much if you just look through old the old forum posts you can get your self up to date…

also go to yoyonews and binge watch for a few days and that will also help get you up to date with certain throwers what the styles are and what companies are up and coming…

also welcome to the forum there are others out there but with respect to the forum owner and yoyoexpert i will refrain from saying their name.

Titanium yoyos have become huge along with bimetal yoyos.

Zach gormely won worlds this year…

Green triangles are still around and used a lot.

Off axis is still big.

More yoyoers tend to converse on Facebook BSTs, but there is still a significant following on Yoyoexpert. :slight_smile:

Which FB BST? Trying to look for it

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omg, zach used to be one of my favs. so glad to hear he won. best combination of smooth flow and crazy bangers!
also, whats up with the ti ytoyos other that the sparks?

ryan gee! i used to alot of ur vidz back in the day. innovative video and play style. nice to see some familiar names :slight_smile:
meh, facebook is nice, but it will never be the same.

still no more Yeti’s released 'nough said :frowning:

Bst and talk on fb.

If you need to get in message me.

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Kazuya Murata is ridiculously good for being human.