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Tim Lacanienta from
Laguna Hills, CA.

Tim has been tearing up the #trickcircle lately. He enjoys his coffee black with minimal creamer, and he cooks his ramen off the stove. Not any of that microwave bull****. Little bit of egg, toss in some chicken seasoning, he’s good to go. He’s a classic. About to become a senior in high school, Tim has been throwing since 2013.


Butterfly AL: Toffee Crunch (note that color shift in the photos) Tim purchased his Butterfly from @markmontshop

He runs a deshielded One Drop 10ball bearing on some yellow kitty string normal and you can tell he doesn’t change his strings too often, he keeps the flow going until the very end of the set.

In Tim’s own words:

“The Butterfly AL has just been soo dope to play on. It just feels nicer and nicer the more I break it in, the classic homage with the modern sensibility helps me develop my execution, flow, and trick construction while still being forgiving enough for me to explore more technical elements.”

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Love it! He’s so good!


Thank you for reading! More to come!