Ed Haponik, from North Carolina.

If you follow any fixed axle yoyo play, chances are you have stumbled upon some mind altering tricks and flips from the man himself. A full time dad, Ed also teaches science and engineering to America’s youth. Ed played yoyo as a kid himself, and learned quite a bit during the great 90’s yoyo boom and as you can see, he has definitely put his hours in. Throwing mostly wood and everyday since 2005, he hasn’t missed a single day chasing the “state of Yo.” 43 years young this guy can skate, surf, and he is an avid one-wheeler. Word on the street is hes pretty bad*** with a samurai sword studying aikido & iaido.

In his own words. "The yoyo is my beloved spectra-ply eH in the “Yin-YeHng” colorway. Hornets blue/purple as a nod to my home just north of CLT. Two-tone is ideal for tracking flips and Varials. Walnut 416 wood-thread axle. The string is the new ZipLine Kot-N.

Notice that long spin as Ed constructs a sick Jamaican flag x4 :jamaica: :jamaica: :jamaica: :jamaica: combo picture trick on the Spectra ply fixed axle. It’s still spinning! Definitely worth following and digging deep through Ed’s many clips that are out there in the wild. Follow @edhaponik and @thatsthose on Instagram for the full clips and feature.

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