Ed Haponik...

Just read a post by Mr. Haponik, and it brings to mind… Every time I read his blog, or see his vids ALL I can think is “Where does he get those wonderful toys?!” I’ve been in search for good quality woods for awhile. I don’t have the money right now, but for the most part I can’t really find much. Best I found is a No Jive somewhere, and those Steve Brown Gallery Yo-Yos are awesome. I’m only upset about being out of work, so I can’t buy each one released!

Ed Haponik is the only reason that I stuck with yoyo like I have. He’s pretty much my inspiration for everything. W.W.E.H.D. is what I say whenever I try to come up with a new trick. Haha

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Ed has connections for one. Two, he also has been doing this for a while. Also EBAY.

I uh… I gotta lotta nice yoyo’s. :slight_smile:

ed, I want a Flying V and a Pistelero on my doorstep in the next week PM me for my address. :smiley:

I realize all that of course. Just saying, he gots some nice Wood throws. I keep watching B/S/Ts and eBay and what not. Looking for ones in nice condition. I’m sure a lot of it accounts for collecting for years. Guess I just wish I had collected more Wood throws before they “went out of style” so to speak. Suppose I just kept putting it off.

Wooden yoyos will NEVER get out of style, NEVER.

If one day all my yoyos are gone and nobody sells them anymore, I will carve my own yoyo out of a tree. Word.

And for the record, Ed is The Man. His videos have kept me throwing. He has been such a big inspiration for me. I went trough some tough times, and yoyoing (and his influence on my perception of yoyoing) kept me going. I really owe him a lot.

He’s the one who constantly reminded me of how you don’t need to follow every trend to still have fun with such a simple yet ingenious toy.

Ed, I am an old guy, and I don’t idol-ize people at all, but you are one of my heroes. You deserve something. I hope one day I can actually meet you.

All the best,


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thanks a ton. i’d e psyched to meet and throw, but i don’t think i ‘deserve’ anything at all. i’ve taken much more from yo-yoing than i could ever give back.

as for yo-yo’s, i’ve never buy much off of ebay at all. i make trades sometimes, and occasionally i’ll find an old hobby store in middle america that still has a few old gems in stock. mostly i just have a lot of amazingly generous friends though. the best aspect of yo-yoing is the people, by far.


What are your thoughts on the Duncan satellite yoyos, as far as wood fixed-axle throws go?

they make your eli hops really, really consistent.

i don’t love em. never really liked the shape for looping and the gap feels a little wonky. yers back i saw someone (luke hildebrand maybe) who reversed the halves and effectively made a fixed axle wooden g5, which actually played great. but yeah, i’d way rather play a proyo/profly, or one of the old duncan tournaments or jeweleds.

just go to here, (YYE REMOVED)
the have a whole section of wooden yoyos

MOD EDIT: Please send this in a pm. They have a lot of the same things we sell.

Ed is wild with what he does. He has always inspired me to pick up a fixed axle and try something hard with it. He just keeps me doing what i do; throw.

Look what I got at a antique store in Omaha last saturday!!!

I’ll never let it go! It has a different feel, but it’s still awesome!

Very Awesome!