big Congrats to Ed Haponik

Really big congratulations. he went a full year- 366 days with just one wooden yoyo. what a guy. I only went 20.


Unbelievable. I can barely go 20 minutes.

Can’t believe he did it on a leap year. Lol. Congrats!

Oh, wow! I had no idea this was a challenge he set for himself. That’s pretty cool

Big ups, Ed!

I could never do this. A job well done.

thanks guys.
it was a long (but great) year. there’s no chance i woulda been able to do it if spyy hadn’t made me the best wood yo-yo ever. that really made it a lot easier. thanks to those of you who followed it and lent support. it was awesome.

here’s kind of my year in review vid (cut from all my stuff)

Just have to ask Ed what was the “first” second yoyo you threw?

i threw one of my purple ronins. i had been staring at it for weeks.
after that… amplifier, dynamo, orbitron, ranchero (all the spyy’s i missed out on last year), some 2a, some old no jives, and the new tmbr’s that came out. i’ve honestly probably thrown 50-60 yoyo’s in 36 hours. it’s great… but i also got that little 2-yoyo holder from yoyoexpert, so the ‘eh’ is still going with me wherever.

What was your very first feeling when you threw a unresponsive Spyy yoyo after for one full year throwing Fixed Axle? And what were your thoughts that followed after that?


he probably tried to stall it and said “hey! why won’t it come back up?!!”

honestly, dude… it was something like “this is so loud”, which felt pretty ridiculous, even at the time. but i felt like i was going to wake up the kids. after a few minutes though, it just felt surreal, like tricks that i’d invented this year that felt really hard i could do without even focusing. and just the smoothness is still really taking me aback. you can’t feel the yo-yo spinning like you can with wood, which makes it feel kind of like running with your feet asleep at first.

it’s funny. whenever i walk into ‘the yo-yo room’, i’m so used to fighting temptation that my automatic reaction to walking by my cases is still like ‘nope. can’t do that. not yet.’ it’s like i haven’t fully processed the idea of ‘uh… sure you can! go for it!’

edit: also… POST 666!!! METAL!!!

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