DeHcade (...)

10 years ago, I had a cool idea. It was NOT actually radical - quite the opposite. For a yo-yo player, I thought it was the simplest, most natural idea imaginable. Just play a single wooden fixed-axle yo-yo (and nothing else) for a year.

Big whoop. I’d already been playing at least as much fixed-axle as transaxle or unresponsive for the previous 5+ years. It didn’t feel like a huge deal - just an efficient way to connect with the most primitive, primordial core of throwing. Perhaps it was a bigger deal for Steve Buffel of SPYY, who’d been sponsoring me to throw his precision metal yo-yo’s, but he’s awesome and supported me 100%. That oath was a way to force myself to commit to something which I thought I understood about yo-yoing philosophically, but needed to know viscerally. That year, and in the years since, fixed axle has become the standard for me, and every other style the curious novelty. I enjoy throwing unresponsive. It’s just not where my heart is.

So this year, a decade down the road, I’m gonna walk that 1 yo-yo/1 year path again. New Years Day through the next New Years Eve. Partly it’s to reconnect with the feelings of that previous journey, but it’s also gravitation to something deeper and more massive. As a 44 year-old who still plays with a yo-yo every day, there is a satisfying appeal to the idea of regression (or maybe “return”); of using a single, old-fashioned tool.

When I was a young kid, and “Rock the Baby” represented the height of my powers, I only played one kind of yo-yo: a Duncan Midnight Special. I probably bought 5 or so in years before the 90’s boom. That was my yo-yo, and I delighted in its simplicity (and my own). There’s a maxim of Dogen’s which states: “Before study, mountains are mountains and waters are waters. After a glimpse of the truth, mountains are no longer mountains and waters are no longer waters. After enlightenment, mountains are once again mountains and waters once again waters.” While I promise I DON’T claim enlightenment, the saying resonates with me. When you’re just starting out, you’re a kid throwing a yo-yo. Later on as you “get good”, you hang stuff on it - it means something or it gets you something. It’s a challenge, a badge, an identity… (In fact, to “get good” IS, itself, to hang something on it.) BUT, if you stick around long enough to gradually recognize and release that stuff, you find that you are, once again, just a kid throwing a yo-yo.

So I’m not going into this year with the intention of “gaining” something. I’m going into it to shed something, and maybe (if I’m lucky), to remember something.

Want to come along? It’s not complicated! One fixie for a year - doesn’t matter what yo-yo (I recommend replaceable axles or else stock reinforcements). Anyone is welcome. Declare your intentions below. If you stick with it, awesome. If you find it’s not for you, that’s cool too. Just remember it’s a commitment you’re making to yourself. Only you will know what that’s worth and what you give to it, and no one else will walk the same path as you.

I made this thread to post in periodically leading up to & throughout the next year. Anecdotes, tricks, epiphanies, probably the odd rant. If you decide to commit to this, feel free to post your own journey as you walk it.

99 days until New Years. Get your affairs in order.


I’ve been meaning to ask, how many axles replacements did you do that year?


Still looking for an oak tmbr… and I would throw it everyday. Hopefully soon


You’re a much more deHdicated man than most, sir. I look forward to observing the journey!


Are you using your original eH @edhaponik ? Or have something new you’ll be using.

I’ll put my name down and join you. I tried this 2-3 years ago and made it to September. Knowing others will be doing it too, and have a spot here to discuss and motivate will be the extra thing I needed last time. Will start deciding what yoyo I’m going to use, and stock up on my string :beer


I will join you guys in February. I know I don’t have the self control to go more than a month.


This sounds ehxciting. I’m in. :+1:t2:

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@exmime probably ~10 for the year. They were thick hemlock axles and I’m not sure how they compare with birch or walnut.

@AaronW something in development :slight_smile:

@hobby_master stay tuned I guess <3


Nice! I’ll look forward to it, as always!


I been thinking this would be fun to try with a Legend Wing, to make it through the whole year I estimate that I might need around 6 of them, but I could be overestimating I might be able to get away with 3.


Depends how hard you throw I suppose! I by you could get through w 2-3 if mainly stall tricks w occasional 1a


@edhaponik Just wanted to pop in here and give my appreciation for your Instagram posts because they gave me motivation to try more 0A stuff, and by the time I had learned to stall and do basic tricks, I found it’s where my creative juices like to flow. Now it’s hard for me to go anywhere without a responsive yoyo in my pocket. Thanks Ed! I’ll probably be using a responsive yoyo for 99% of 2022 but it’s hard for me to commit to 1 thing for an entire year.


That means a ton. Thanks.
And I 100% understand and appreciate folks who DON’T jump into a commitment like this just as much as someone who does.


ONE yoyo for a whole year, that is a pledge that I need time to get comfortable with. It feels almost like going to 31 Flavors for ice cream every day, knowing that for a year there will be 30 flavors you don’t try. However, if that one flavor is super awesome, it could lead to a very deep appreciation of it.

Now I have to think if I would rather use my 2015 eH and get some replacement axles or if I want to plan on running through some Legend Wings, or, if I need a Zoom with @Glenacius_K to learn how to replace axles if I wind up wearing a Spinworthy out. I’m glad you’ve put the idea in my head AND given me 99 days to figure out logistics.


If I had a fixed axle yoyo worth committing to, I would actually do this. My only one is a Butterfly, and I’m not so sure I got a good one. It refuses to respond most of the time.

Just like Dude0909 above, watching your videos, getting my first “real” responsive yoyo, and learning 0A play totally changed the way I think about throwing yoyos.

Thank you for all that you do, and I look forward to your in development yoyo. If i can snag one I might just commit, otherwise I’ll rip my Day Tripper all year.


I hear you dude.
In my experience, although they’re tempting behind the glass, all 31 flavors are kind of already there with you inside. Or at least there’s enough of them to keep it fresh, and maybe you invent some flavors of your own along the way. I could have EVERY yo-yo in the world, and it’d just be me throwing them - THEY’D be limited by what I could bring to them. You can only really throw one yo-yo in any given moment. The goal is to just take it one moment at a time and treat each one as it really is - new & precious!

However, I definitely know this is a hard, weird, and for some even pointless endeavor. I posted early about it partly to get psyched myself and partly to put it out there so people could gear up to see if it might fit for them. :slight_smile:


Send me a PM, and maybe I can sort you out with something.


I like challenges and commitments like this one @edhaponik —if it counts to commit with one fixie for a year every day (plus testing my own prototypes and throws) then I am in.

I just need to get a good fixie for me—any suggestions?


You are wise beyond your years, my years, and maybe even our combined years :grin:

Your reply made me realize that when I go to our local donut place, which, they are proud to point out has over 40 varieties, I always get the French crueler.

Now the idea of a new wooden yoyo for Jan 1, and watching it slowly change from my influence while I’m changing from its influence is percolating.


I know for me when I did 9 months of fixed axle, I used 2 yoyos. An eH and a No Jive. But when I stopped only fixed axle and grabbed an unresponsive for the first time in 9 months it was almost like flood gates were opened. Had so many ideas, and wondered more about what was possible than I had 9 months earlier.

Getting to know those 2 yoyos, the good and the bad was great as well. Learning to work with what you have, and not just rushing off to find/buy another yoyo that is “better” was a great lesson as well.