Spinworthy Survivalist for Sale (Sold please close.)

I made this today. I want to go back to the old name for this model; the ‘Survivalist’ instead of the ‘Beater’.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s a very trusty model that can take one heck of a beating. It’s made of recycled HDPE and has a solid press-fitted 1/4" aluminum axle. No glue is needed to fit the axle in place so there is no chance of glue failure that can (rarely) occur.

It uses regular polyester yoyo string and the strings last a very long time. Most likely weeks of solid play for one string.

It’s a very smooth and reliable player, probably the best EDC fixed axle yoyo you could hope to own. Absolutely perfect for the one year of only fixed axle challenge that Ed recently posted in this thread: DeHcade (...)

it’s $80 USD shipped to the US.

Approximate Specs:
Diameter: 52.5mm
Width: 30.5mm
Weight 51.5g.


Jeepers. Sold in like 1 minute.


Yeah Glen… but if it is sooooo good, why did it take a whole minute to sell?


Yeah…not impressed …:-/

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Don’t like the yo?

How do they even DO that :thinking:

No, no, no… lmao the yoyo is awesome! You do great work. I was joking saying that I wasn’t impressed it sold in an hour! It was going off of the other comment! Sorry for the poor execution🥲🥲