Spinworthy Survivalist Coming Soon!

My latest release is coming very soon to YoYoExpert - the Survivalist.

The Survivalist is a small(ish) pocketable solid plastic fixed axle yoyo. It’s made from 100% recycled HDPE with a solid 1/4" aluminium axle.

HDPE is a very strong material and the Survivalist can handle quite a beating, making it an excellent everyday-carry yoyo wherever you may work or play.

It has reliable response and a comfortable, solid feel in play. The AL axle helps give it an extremely smooth feeling spin.

Approximate specs:

Diameter: 51.7mm
Witdth: 30.5mm
Weight: 51.5g

They will be releasing within the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!


Can not wait. I have been wanting one of theses beautiful pieces.


I traded my Spinworthy to someone who really wanted to try one. Then I immediately felt empty, alone, so lost…. Now, thanks to @Glenacius_K and @YoYoExpert, I may rekindle that feeling, that which was lost so long ago….

Hot diggity I’m pumped!