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If it counts for you, then it counts.
Re: yo-yo’s right now wooden fixies with replaceable axles are kinda scarce. If you can find a TMBR you like, I suggest that, but nothing wrong with a rad No Jive you cop off the bay. Or talk to Glen or Jon Gates about one of the sweet throws they craft. Heck get a handful of Legend Wings, use them till you scorch the guts, then switch em out! :slight_smile:


Getting ready then!

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A replaceable axle isn’t really necessary for throwing for only a year. The axles in fixed axle yoyos should last a very long time. Sure, you can accelerate the death of a fixed with many extremely hard throws, but only with certain species of wood used for the axle.

There are trade offs with fixed axle designs that can be taken apart. They can come apart during play in occasions or they contain metal hardware that adds weight where you don’t want it. They often limit design possibilities like dimples.

I’ve made some rake apart designs before. I ticked the box and then went back making yoyos with axles adhered with epoxy.


Sure. Usually I throw light now, but sometimes I do throw hard. Doing the latter I have scorched grooves in many axles of many types of wood, which causes them to play poorly and break string. So if you intend to do this MY recommendation would be either replaceable axles OR reinforcements of the yoyo - just a backup in case you totally mangle the first and don’t to be stuck without a yoyo. Why get one Spinworthy when you can get two for twice the price? :wink:

This is just how I approach it - like prepping for a trip into the wilderness. By all means do what works and makes sense for you.


My motivation for making glued in axles is not to make people buy more of them.


Two is one and one is none is generally a very good plan for wilderness trips and hitting the stage for a yoyo contest (although I seem to remember most competitors having 3 back ups - maybe after running and coffee my brain will come up with a rhyme for that). I think I see Ed’s point that if you are taking a year long journey, you don’t want to be stranded due to equipment failure. Have a back up. I hope I see Glen’s concern too - he doesn’t want people to think he is making yoyo construction decisions for any reason other than playability. I would like to think my first Spinworthy (which still has no visible axle damage) would be fine after a year of my style of fixed axle play. However, if I broke that one, it would feel like an old friend sacrificed himself for me.


Wow, Glen I know that I’m just messing around.

If I were doing this w one of yours I would get two regardless just to have a spare on hand so that if I DID scorch or break one I wouldn’t have to wait. Also because they’re just really nice yoyos. It’s not complicated and I’m not trying to insult you.


Wow, I can’t believe it’s coming up to ten years since your last yoyo fasting. I really enjoyed reading your blog while during the build up and the journey you did Ed.

I was surprised that I managed to last all of February just using my eh’14 and I really enjoyed it, even in a month I felt that I really got to know the yoyo in and out. I remember that I did find that I missed throwing a lot of my other yoyos though.

This personal challenge is very tempting, I can see a lot of positives in taking part in it. It might make me appreciate the yoyos I own more and I know it’ll only help in my creativity.

I really look forward to seeing how everyone handles it.

What yoyo to use though is going to be hardest question for me to answer!


+1 for John Gates’ wooden throws! Very nice weight yet still floaty and maneuverable :roller_coaster:

Also - I’m in!


I got my gear. I just need to decide which one I will be using for the challenge.


And if you’re going to do it This a Way or That a Way lol


Those purpleheart TMBRs are heavy. Not a bad thing for a sesh here and there, but to commit to it for an extended period of time may complicate things.


TaW is a great choice since you can flip it on a whim and have a whole different feel!