The Month of Edcember

Ed Haponik chose to throw a single yoyo for an entire year. He’s gotten to look at and touch tons of lovely throws and not dangle even one from his finger, except his trusty Eh. Look at what he’s got to keep his eager paws off of for another six weeks

Lets join Ed in his last month of temptation and resistance. Lets celebrate Edcember :slight_smile:

Then, on January 1, 2013, we can celebrate Edmas and open and throw all those holiday gifts that tempted you for the last week of 2012.

This is a chance to have some fun, maybe challenge yourself with a yoyo or style you’re not good with (doesn’t have to be fixed axle), and share a portion of an experience with a guy who’s had a positive influence on many of us.

I’m going to spend the month with my Duncan Tournament reproduction. What will you throw for the last month of 2012?

P.S. yes, Ed knows about this, in case you’re wondering.

Timely topic Waylon. I’ve just finished reading about Ed’s journey @ Now this thread! I can’t say enough about Ed’s tenacity. Playing the “eH” for 365 days? No wonder it’s got such a beautiful stain to it. I’m sure there’s lot of blood,sweat and nose oil in the mix. Here’s hoping SPYY will have the “eh” for sale in time to celebrate Edcember!

After finding out, and reading about Ed’s commitment, I’ve often wondered what I would choose to play exclusively. As it stands, while I have a decent collection (imo) for a 6-month yoyoer, I almost always throw my Code 2. In the spirit of the challenge, though, I’m not sure what I’d go with. I know I have a wooden fixie somewhere in the house–something I picked up at Starbucks a few years ago at Christmastime. I do have an ‘old’ Duncan Imperial knocking around; that might be fun to see if I could get to landing a trapeze on it!

Actually, and not to throw cold water on this, I think he did participate in Butterfly Horse at Worlds, no?

This is awesome. I’ve seen him active in the Wood is Good thread but I didn’t realize he was doing such a challenge. I’d have a tough time choosing simply because of the conditions I’m in. My 888x is definitely my favorite throw, but I don’t have carpet to throw it on, and let’s face it, I don’t yoyo outside (yet).

Very cool! Congrats on the last month, you can do it ;D

What a fantastic idea!

I’ll be dusting off an old Speeder I got 6 years ago. This was my favourite throw for a couple of years, but over the last 2-3 years it has been lying forgotten in a box. Time to reconnect with an old friend.

He did. I don’t think it taints his effort in any way. In fact…

Who’s up for a game of online Butterfly HORSE?

Seriously thinking of playing nothing but 2A [for the most part] for the year 2013. Maybe not really Edcember, but I wanna improve more and more on a style I’ll consider my main in the future.
But shoot, if only I’m treating myself a yoyo for the holidays I’d participate but I guess I’ll participte in spirit.

I started a separate thread for everyone who’s not participating in order to make room here for players who are.

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i might just, only throw my Cascade. yeah… seems like a good idea…

I might try to do it with my dark magic 2, it was my first high quality throw and I feel like its being forgotten about, let’s see if I can do it haha

If religious obligations are an issue , you could always celebrate Haponikkuh. It runs from November 25th to December 25th. :slight_smile:

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I am not participating in Edcember.

Same. Not participating.

You guys are funny. That might have made my night lol.

Tempted to use my Maverick or Spyder for this…My Mav just needs a new bearing, since the old one was lost. Deal, I shall use my Yomega maverick, even for my recent Grind Challenge…Beat that!

I’m wondering if I shouldn’t spend a month with my whip and a regular old flat bearing. It’s by far my least capable yoyo, and I always like KK’s or Center Tracs for their impact on play.

A month with only the Whip and a bearing that makes tilting more likely might be helpful, if not also very frustrating.

And rewarding. Go for it.

i was thinking “maybe ill just use my cascade or my Glacier Express il be getting soon”… buuut i might use mt TMBR or a throw monkey… get some of that OG markmont kind of stuff down.

Well, that didn’t take long. I went ahead and set my “challenge whip” up. Even threw in one of my slower 8 ball bearings to make it a little more challenging, and also decided to use one of my extra long strings so it was even slower and more difficult to deal with.

…and about 5 minutes in I hit Black Hops to Kwijibo, a combo that I haven’t hit cleanly yet with my thousands of dollars worth of metal.


The whip is a very solid throw for 10 bucks…I loved mine. Might get another…or might get another d bearing throw…who knows.