Edcember 2013

It’s that time of year again! Ed Haponik famously spent and entire year playing one yoyo. I bow my head in respect. bows head in respect

To honor his commitment and in the spirit if that achievement, I invite you to join me in choosing a difficult style or yoyo to play for the month of Edcember. Share your stories, videos, and complaints here!

Last year, I tried a month with a duncan tournament yoyo. I didn’t make it. The frustration was too great. This year, I’m going to play Astrojax for a month solid. What will you choose? 5a? Kendama? Looping? Poi?

If you can only make it to Xmas, you still get props!

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Duncan imperial. Looping and fixed axle. This is going to be fun.

I think I’ll play With my less dominate hand for Edcember. I don’t know if I can make it though.

2a, but I don’t know if I can accept the oath. I can get bored with 2a after a while…

Its supposed to be fun? Hahaha!

By Christmas ill be learning back flips and shuffling for my worlds routine :wink:

A month of off string it is :smiley:

Whether you make it, or not, it’s still a good exercise. I just discovered Astrojax so I figured it would give me a month to learn some tricks. I wanted to do kendama but the girlfriend vetoed it on account of the noise. She doesn’t mind bearings but can’t stand the clicking.

I can’t say I’ll only do one type. I’m still learning too much all the time. I will however play fixed every day in Edcember.

…click…click…click…NOOOOO!!!..click…click…click…click…WACK. OWWW…click…

LOL :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I kinda want to try this chalange but I would get tiered of looping or 4a or 5a

Or even worse a metal kendama…


That sounds more like fun than dare.

I would but my I just bought 2 Yetis…

:o :o

I’m thinking 5A, sounds fun! I could use some improvement.

I just realized… Today is the day!

How’d your first day go?

it was frustrating. Imperials are finicky.

hahaha! a month named for moi? again? i’ll take it. thanks, waylon!
i hope it’s cool that i’m basically just gonna eat a bunch of chips n’ salsa, plunk out some ukulele xmas carols, and play yo-yo in whatever way occurs to me all month. :wink:

edit: btw, first day has gone great.

I really love my Duncan tournament lol.

this would have been a kinda fun challange but theres no way I could have done it because I love trying new yoyos so using just one for a whole month would be unbearable especialy since my mystery box is coming