Best responsive tricks


So the Twisted Trifecta I have in my Chief just went responsive like an imperial (I think there’s something in it). So before I cleaned it I messed around with some “high-end responsive” play.
I did kwijibo a few times pretty clean, an Eli hop or two, and of course bashed my hands a bunch of times.

So my question is what are the coolest tricks you’ve done with a responsive throw?


Loops! :stuck_out_tongue:

But, I don’t mess around too much with responsive throws. Sometimes I’ll pull out a Maverick or Flying Squirrel and see how well I can do my regular tricks on them. Stop and go is pretty fun.

(Waylon) #3

I’ve pulled off Amuse on a No Jive.


That’s awesome!
Time to go learn amuse 8)


At cal states there were some guys doing super beast tricks with the’s so responsive it doesn’t sleep. that was pretty cool, but to answer you question, I have no idea.

(Q) #6

Ed Haponik is easily the best yoyoer I have ever seen. I love his style and his zen-ness. I aspire to be this man someday. Honestly, he influenced me to pursue my career as a teacher, without even talking to me about it. I just feel so… at peace while watching a video of his.


He is unreal. Thank you for showing those to me.


Wow. Dude’s my new hero.

(Waylon) #9

Read Ed’s blog and his videos are even more meaningful.

(Waylon) #10

It’s a fun little repeater worth learning. Of course, on wood it isn’t a repeater.


I’ve gotta get that first hop consistent and not responding into my nth knuckles!

(Waylon) #12

Try doing that part really fast.