Philosophy thread!

(Carson Reid) #1

I’ve noticed that we have a weirdly high amount of deep thinkers on these forums, so I decided that instead of debating yoyo stuff all the time, it would be good to flex those muscles in a more fitting way! Just post or respond to ways that you/people think the universe functions! Or just ask a question with no right answer! It’s up to you!


There is a theory called last Thursdayism. It where the world was created last Thursday but everyone was created memories to make it seem like the world is very old.

(ChrisFrancz) #3

That is a very vast topic and bound to get people going. How my thinking effects my emotional states is something I tend to put more focus on. I love reading theories about black holes, worm holes, time travel, what time IS, etc. but my own mind is the thing that puzzles me most since I believe it poses the biggest questions, dilemmas, and frustrations and due to self-conditioning, upbringing, circumstantional-conditioning, easy answers to change sometimes seem within my grasp as well as billions of light years away from my grasp.



(ChrisFrancz) #5

“Why?” is the noblest of all questions. Not just to the question posed here but to any subject. Inquisitive minds never grow old.

({John15}) #6

Is this topic allowed though? Not to be a downer, but I posted a question a couple months ago asking if there were any Christians on the Forum, and it was immediately taken down because we aren’t allowed to talk about religion of any kind.

It wasn’t even anything more specific than that, I just wanted to know if there were any other Christians here, and it was taken down.

Since I have a Christian worldview, and my philosophy is rooted in Christ, my answer to your question would be inherently “religious”, so is this even fair? (Although, I could argue that my worldview is not religious, but it would be taken that way).

(Carson Reid) #7

I am shocked and appalled that you asking if there are any other Christians on the forum wasn’t okay! Whatever happened to freedom of speech, mods? It’s in unrelated discussions, so really anything should go! If people don’t want to participate in something, it’s their choice! Censorship is not the answer!

({John15}) #8

Lol, I’m not trying to be naggy or anything, I just really enjoy deep conversation and I would like to participate in this one. But I don’t think I’m allowed to.

And to be fair, I understand why they have that rule. We can’t even talk about fixed axle yo-yos without getting into long-winded debates, let alone something is hot button and deep as religion.

(InvaderDust) #9

I really believe that:

What I think, I feel.
What I Feel, I Vibrate.
What I Vibrate, I Attract.

And that this is the secret to being able to build your own reality and paradigms. Manifest destiny, they say, but its more than just a hokee saying.

I try my best to adapt to the art of non-expectance, and shower the world in gratitude. I keep myself in a service to others and for this my karma is kept plush, my life vibrant and fortunate to the max.

(Carson Reid) #10

But why does that matter? We should be able talk about what we want to talk about. And if things get heated, users get reprimanded. But forced deletion of topics is censorship of ideas, which I am strongly against.

(InvaderDust) #11

Because we are in someone else’s house. Every house has certain house rules. I can easily see how both politics and religion could be unwelcome conversation.

heres what the official rules say about this, just for clarification. :slight_smile:

At least that is a gist of where to tread lightly.

(Carson Reid) #12

But even if we talk about politics and religion, the thing is that people can choose their level of participation in that subject, from not even reading it to being a main participant.

But deleting those topics is duct taping their mouths! It’s forced censorship of everyone!

House rules are normally to keep the children in place. But we are adults in this house, so they should become more like house suggestions. Because we can take care of ourselves. We don’t need protection that is actually hurting us.

(InvaderDust) #13

Ive run into similar issue in regards to talking about drugs, and while you and I may be adults, there are a ton of lil ones among us and while I agree with you, there are places that we abide by the house keepers few requests to keep it on a certain level. Same as we can’t link to other yoyo stores, its a simple request in the grand scheme of things.

Im glad Andre and his crew let us hang out here and live in a super supportive and positive community unlike any ive ever seen. If the price I have to pay to be a part of it is something as simple as not talking about certain topics, im game. Im ok with not making the ones who build and maintain this place feel uneasy.

We could alwasy carry this over to r/throwers where they are much more open minded but reddit it a strange and unpredictable place haha!

({John15}) #14

Also, if we’re going to get legalistic about this, the rule specifically says no negative remarks. I’ve made plenty of low-key comments and references to my faith and the Bible that were not censored. I’ve also had conversations with people in private about faith, so I guess it’s tolerated as long as it’s not too polemical or anything.

(Evan Landreneau) #15

And just look at us now. We are getting mad a yoyoexpert. I don’t like their rules either, but we have to respect them.

(ChrisFrancz) #16

I like the rules. This is a yoyo forum. Yoyoexpert is not telling people they can’t go to other platforms to discuss whatever they want. Yoyos is why we are here. Heated debates about non-yoyo things could cause people to quit the forum because it and some members could be considered hostile to them.

(Carson Reid) #17

Anger is a direct result of feeling wronged, like you’ve been done an injustice. And so I guess yeah, I am a little mad at yoyoexpert, because I feel that it is wrong to have a place for unrelated discussions that is still censored. The people who want to talk yoyo and are here to talk yoyo know to stay away from here, because it’s unrelated. Of course I respect them, they are the HQ for everything yoyo and Andre is a great guy, but you can be angry at someone you respect, and vice-versa. They aren’t related subject.

(ChrisFrancz) #18

Yeah, an “unrelated discussion” section is vague. I think the hopes are that people would use that section to discuss tv, movies, music, etc. and stay away from touchy things.


It’s a forum that has to cater to young kids at the end of the day. Politics and religion always lead to blowouts. It’s not a good mix with the forum overall. It’s a bit of an oddball topic for this particular forum and not one that’s worth the inevitable policing that those topics require

(Carson Reid) #20

There’s nothing I disagree with here, I forgot that we DO have some minors here, which I suppose needs to be taken into account. The only thing I have to say is that if the price being payed costs both parties involved something, then why not just abolish It? It costs yoyoexpert the freedom of their community, and it costs the community their freedom, and really, for what?